I want to kill my step dad

I must confess that I want to slit my steo dads f****** throat

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  • You must insert the knife hard in the side of the neck behind the windpipe with the blade edge facing forward.

  • Then, pull the blade out swiftly whilst pushing it away from you.

  • Why not toss gas on him and light him up? Cmon. Get serious. He coukd live through the assult. Just needs to hold the wound closed and tight. Slight chance that you miss arteries. Where would you do it and how? Fast attack from behind? In his bed? How do you clean up? Have you actually seen a guy having his throat cut? Not hard to find on the net. You can get through the adams apple? The blood will be hot at first. Steam could show if it's cold out.

  • Grow up you crying little b****

  • Why is that and how old are you...

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