It’s truly agonizing watching trump and his ignorant followers

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  • Sitting back watching America is hilarious. What a fuckup of a country. More like Mexico than Canada

  • Run along cucktard. Your Trump Derangemnet Syndrome is ragaing!!

  • HAHAHAHA WE ARE WINNING.. your country is gone, the old Obamaville is gone and never coming back.

  • I'm in Canada and wish our leaders put Canada first. Trump is arrogant and abrasive. Trudeau is arrogant and naive. If I pay attention to politics, I feel depressed. Keep on rockin in the free world!

  • That's because a good leader puts his own people first. Unfortunately there are a lot a misguided people in America who have been convinced that they either should be ashamed of who they are or that they should give away everything they have earned. Someday they will wake up and realize Obama played them like fools.

  • Hilarious. The only one who's ever played us is the egotist currently occupying 1600 Penn.

  • Yeah, Trump played us so much that he gave us a tax break. Did you not notice the extra money on your pay check? Or are you one of those lazy f**** who lives off the backs of real working Americans? I guess you wouldn't have noticed it when you don't earn a paycheck.

  • So true.. most of these antiTrump people don't even have jobs. So they have no idea what the h*** is really going on. They sit on state aid and b**** about how they "need more food stamps cause we ain't got no food." B**** stop selling your link card for drug money. F****** crack w****!

  • Trump is used to managing a big corporation. That is how the CEO operates. He expects everyone to do as he wishes. If not he fires them. In government he is dealing with lots of different egos. He can't fire congress. We should. If you look at what he actually has done its amazing. He is great for the economy. The media does not report what he does right. Don't worry the end result is great. We need to get rid of the majority of senators and congressmen. We need congress to work for us not themselves. Have faith. Look at the results not the fake news. The 2018 mid term elections are coming up. Research the people running. If they are and incumbent fire them if they are not doing there job. If you understand how CEO's operate Trump is great. I just wish he would not tweet LOL.

  • Well said, but there are too many people out in the world who believe everything they are told by the media. They fail to do their own research either because they are lazy or because it goes against what they're being told by school teachers or their friends. Better than half the people who protest Trump right now can't tell you why they are protesting, and the other half can only tell false information that has been feed to them from the left wing media.
    If half these people who don't support Trump would actually do their own investigation and stop following others, they would find out that they actually do support Trump and what he's trying to do for this country.
    But common sense is dead now days. That is why you see protesters with signs that say "stop the violence" on one side, and "punch a Trump supporter" on the other. They have no idea what the h*** is even going on.

  • Trump is a passing phenomenon. But his acolytes are truly frightening. There are so many of them and they are so totally delusional.

  • Not as bad as the Antifas, SJWs, hanky-twisting bed wetters, Hollyweird imbeciles, and media dupes.

  • That's funny. The same could be said about Clinton and her followers or Obama and his.

  • No, it can't (unless you are stupid)

  • He's going to ruin this country. He's already well on his way.

  • He can't f*** it up any worse than Obama did. The country is more racially divided now after his bullshit than it has been in over 50 years.

  • Your stupid country has always been racially divided. Moreso under Trump. White Americans are the dumbest most ignorant c**** on the planet. No wonder the Hispanics are taking over.

  • No, he absolutely CAN do worse than Obama. He can easily get us into a nuclear war with some third-world crackpot, and he seems to be trying to do exactly that. Our a**** will soon all be toast. You are deluded if you think THAT is better just because it's stubborn and selfish.

  • Of course he can...just like how Obama could have.

    "He seems to be..."

    Is that how you think? No facts, just what "seems" to you?

  • If there are missiles fired it will be in retaliation from NK firing on the US first because little man Kim wants to prove he has big b****. The problem is you liberals buy all the crap fed to you from the corrupt media and even bigger corrupt politicians instead of thinking for yourself. You think Trump made the rest of the world hate America? F*** no, they hated America long before Trump came along. The difference is Trump doesn't cower to everyone like Obamo did. F*** Obama bowed to Japan, what the f*** dude. You are the leader of the most powerful country in the world, you don't f****** bow to anyone. F****** idiot.

  • It's also truly agonizing watching the left be manipulated by the corrupt media and blindly follow Clinton and Obama.

  • Spotted another inbred

  • "Spotted another inbred"

    That's what you get for looking in the mirror.

  • Good keep calling us names, it will make it easier to de-humanize you when the war comes

  • You must be looking in the mirror!

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