Wife’s confession

When I first met my wife we discussed past sexual experiences. I remember her telling me a few things that turned her that still today arouses me. She recalled the very first time being f***** by a black guy she met at a club. She described how they made out in her car and then they drove to a nearby park where she proceeded to give me oral then he bent her doggie style and pounded her. She stated he had the biggest c*** she had ever had but he knew how to pound her good. When I asked her if he used a condom she said NO and I asked her really?
She said she was too excited to worry about it. She said the entire ride home she could feel his c** dripping out of her p****. She went back the following week hoping to see him again.
The other confession was when she was in college she gave her rooomates much younger brother a b****** and she stated he shot off gallons of c**. She said she was highly turned on to that. I asked her if she always made sure to swallow it all she said Yes!!!I asked her if she remembers how many times she blew him and she said over a dozen times at random places and times. Didn’t want her roommate to find out. She said there hasn’t been any guy that came close to his explosive loads.She loves me showing vids of guys c****** huge loads


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  • Guys are so much more understanding now, I like it!

  • Within 45 minutes of meeting my wife for the first time i had her pants down and i was f****** her. So I figured out she was a little bit slutty. Long story short we actually found out we had other things in common beside s**. We got married and after seven years she has told me about how many men she had before me and what she did. She was a mega s***. She got laid for the first time when she was 13. By her own account she had slept with over 90 men before me. About two years into marriage we started swinging a little bit and she has f***** an additional 22 men that i know of.

  • Love hearing stories of my wife and her past f****. She admits to having "toe curling s**" with more than one guy.

  • My wife was f****** 2 married and one single guy , they all roomed together as they were oil field workers, I didn't know she was f****** while we were dating, I didn't get to f*** my wife till we got married, my wife got pregnant by one of the three guys, but went to her aunts for summer and had abortion. I love the fact she got pregnant by them.

  • Does she still desire black c***?

  • She finds them very sexy with lots of confidence. She loves when they flirt with her

  • She finds them very sexy. She usually gives then sort of sign with her facial expression that’s not very obvious to me or anyone. Before you know it they are usually making small talk

  • There arr such wasted s**** in life.

  • Take her to a swingers club and watcher her getting f*****

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