I’ve cheated on my husband and my boyfriend who wants me to leave my husband for him which is beside the point but If either of them knew how many times they’ve both pounded someone else’s c** into me they’d probably both disown me but god help me it turns me on. It’s always been okay for men. Women love f****** too.
This doesn’t even count how many times I’ve kissed either of them after having someone else’s c*** in my mouth. I’m so turned on just confessing this. One guy is a college professor. I’m a nurse and on my way to work sometimes I’ll stop by his classroom and just slide my scrubs down and let him bend me over his desk and f*** me hard. Then he eats his c** out of my p**** . He never lasts long but I love his c** in my panties during my 12 hour shift and then I go home and f*** my husband. There’s another one I meet at a hotel once a week. He’s got a huge c*** and he leaves me feeling like I can barely walk. I’ve been craving having s** with a young couple. I want to eat the wife’s p**** while her husband f**** me. No one would guess I’m this type of girl. Does this make me an addict? Should I worry?

Feb 4, 2018

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  • The thought of my wife licking her friends p**** while being f***** by her husband makes me extremely aroused.

  • I understand what you’re saying. I love my husband and we have great s** but I let the neighbor girl lick my p**** and suck my t****** when I’m home alone. God she makes me c**.

  • Your sexuality is fine. The dishonesty is f***** up though.

  • As a fellow woman, I have to say that what you are doing is wrong and selfish. It's okay to be promiscuous and sexual. Lying and stringing people along is not okay. You're not only taking advantage of them, you're toying with their emotions. This is what creates a cycle of "good people turning bad" because they got royally screwed over -- for no reason other than their partner was an insensitive a-hole. You owe it to the people involved to be honest. There's no way to justify it -- you know what you are doing is wrong. Just because other people ["men"] do it, doesn't make it okay. That's like the old saying, if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too lol.

    It's going to cause a lot of suffering. Not just to the people you're lying to, but to yourself as well. Every day you have to worry about this secret being exposed. The consequence grows larger every day you do this. You could even get pregnant or catch an STD. What are you going to tell everyone then?

    It's as simple as sitting your husband down and having a talk with him about your sexual needs and hoping he is okay with it. If he isn't, find someone who is. You probably aren't the only one who needs more than one sexual partner to feel satisfied. In fact, it's more common than you think.

    I'm just saying... it's your journey so you are going to do what you want. I trust that you'll learn the lesson and evolve when you're ready. Probably will be after some heartache though.

  • I love hearing women justify their cheating by saying "its always been ok for men". When the h*** has it been ok for a man to cheat on his wife? I must have missed something because as far back as I can remember cheating was always looked down on. This image of men high fiving each other for cheating on their wives is courtesy of cheating women. In the real world men who cheat on their wives are viewed as a******* , even by other men.

  • I agree with you. We (women) aren't all like the OP.

  • I love a woman that has an adventure spritit in he

  • I’m the OP. Who’s Vicky ?

  • I put a reply to you post about my husband's erectile problems and my solution. Vicky

  • I would love to f*** you on all fours while you eat my wife's p****. Then I'll get on my back, you can sit on my face and I'll eat your p**** clean while my wife rides my d***. Then my wife will sit on your face so you can eat her cummy p**** while I f*** you again. We're mid 20's.

  • Where are you?

  • That would be awesome.

  • P.S I would do anything to try a BBC. Haven’t had the opportunity yet. I want to feel that c*** stretch me and pound me til I c** over and over.

  • I know exactly what you mean--I cheated on my BF with his friend (to get revenge LOL) but came home and he ate my p**** without even knowing it. I've been with a dominant couple and it was soo nice--he made me c** while eating his wife's p****. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  • The funny part is that your BF is also f****** your mother, your sister, and your BFF. What goes around, comes around!

  • Good Lord. Do people not know the definition of w****?
    The OP is a s***. Not a w****.

  • You are a w****

  • I dated a girl once who loved s**. She didn't care if it was me f****** her or some random dude at the bar. She just liked to f***, men or women, it didn't matter to her. I knew this when I hooked up with her and people told me I was stupid, but that was the excitement of it all. I never planned on getting married nor having kids with her, so really who gives a f***. I had a lot of fun with her. I never would have had a threesome with two women if I had been with a normal girl.

  • I was always faithful to my husband until a couple of years ago. He developed erectile problems. About 3mths ago he had just finished licking my c*** to o*****. He then said to me " I know you need a hard c*** so if you want to f*** someone else you can"
    I replied "thank you but when I go out on a Friday evening I have f***** a different man every night and you have kissecd me moments after I have sucked a cab driver off" he had his biggest h****** in years and f***** me pulling out and wanking all over my fat t***.
    Now when I return home I give him all the details as he f**** me and he love licking my c*** knowing it's already had a c*** up it..

  • How do you get the cab driver to f*** you?

  • Just flash some t** and rub my hand across my p**** and smile. They get the idea and most are up for a b******* or f***

  • You are both whores

  • And it’s so awesome.

  • So original.

  • Thank you my husband and I are happy with our arrangement Vicky x

  • I'm the poster above I'm not a w****, I'm a slang as I do not get paid to f***, it's pure l***

  • I'd love to f*** you Vicky. What are you like. I have a long thin 8in c*** and I'm 50 and live in the UK

  • I am in the UK. Birmingham. I'm 5' 6" 42dd long red hair shaven p**** and 40yrs old

  • Wow you sound sexy! I love red heads! I love hot h**** older women. I recently hooked up with an 40+ colleague at the Christmas party, she sucked me off outside a club, then I f***** her on her sofa while her husband was asleep upstairs. Sitting having breakfast with them knowing she still had my c** in her was amazing.

  • Thank you, it great walking into the house with s**** in my c*** and or my mouth and f*** my husband especially as He knows what in have been up to. I adore it when he says I love the smell of s**** on your breath

  • Pity I'm in London

  • Birmingham is what? 2 hours away!
    I would think that if you two really wanted to f*** it would be no problem for each of you to drive an hour and hook up.

  • I got plenty of f*** in the west Midlands why would I travel to London?

  • Probably because you're blowing smoke on the internet.

  • No that's you little boy, go a play with your x box

  • Yep, I'd rather play my Xbox than play f****** games with people on the internet like you. F****** troll.

  • You silly child

  • At least I'm real. Not like your fake ass

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