Having a big belly button

Big belly buttons must be hereditary because most people in my family all have big belly buttons. In school I got teased a lot because my belly button was always showing because my shirts were so small and never covered my portly belly and big outie belly button. I would ask my mom to get me bigger clothes but she always gave me hand me downs that never fit. In jr high one day I was on the bus, 4 d********* kids came back to where I was sitting. One sat in the seat with me, one sat in the seat on the side of me and two sat in the seat in front of me but they turned around to face me. The boy sitting next to me said; hey fatty to me. I ignore him. His friends laughs at him. He then started poking me in the belly and making the pills hey dough boy noise. I stood up so I could walk away from them but the unthinkable happened. He grabbed my belly button and squeezed and turned it causing me to fall down back to my seat. His friends laughed about it. I then got up again and he put me in a hold to where I couldn’t move my arms and hands. He told his friends to get me, one of the guys had had a paper tack and started pressing it against my belly button. The other two guys have me the worst cherry belly ever where they just kept smacking my belly until it was red as a cherry. Then the guy stopped with the paper tack and began pinching my belly button and pulling it every direction while I kept getting the cherry belly. I was crying and asking them to please stop and they just kept attacking me. One of the guys told me to shut up before we get into trouble. One guys told the guys to stop hitting my belly, and they did. I was so happy because I thought they were stopping. Next thing I know he bit my belly button so hard while delivering a punch to each side of my belly. I was in so much pain. After they finished with me my belly was bruised and red. My belly button had bite marks all over it, I was too embarrassed to go to school like that so I skipped school and went to the park where people glared at my red belly and bitten belly button and I kept my head down out of shame. When I went home my mom asked me what happen, I told her and we went to the ER and I was given a shot and I was examine to make sure no serious damage was done, which was so humiliating.

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  • Im assuming you're a guy

  • No I’m a female

  • Ohh nice. We should get to know each other i think we been going back and forth on the same posts recently lol. My email is ladyslovekoolmillz@gmail.com. Hopefully we can get to know each other and even exchange pics, who knows how this can end up

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