One day I was at my friends house. I was dressed in a short set. Mine was yellow shirts with a matching shirt. The shirt had elastic at the bottom of it which if I moved, it made the shirt ride up exposing my round belly.

My fiends dad came into the living room where we were playing. After a few minutes I stood up to go to the restroom and my shirt rode up showing all of my belly. My friends father saw my belly and belly button. He said, “what do we have here?” I didn’t know what he was talking about. He told me to come here. So I did. He said, “I’m talking about this fat belly button sticking out of your round belly”. He was wiggling his finger toward my belly button and I sucked in my belly. He said “oh no you don’t!” He picked me up and laid me across his lap with my belly in full exposure. He tickled the tip of my belly button and then he tickled all around the protruding skin. I laughed and tried to get away. He then tickled my belly and went back to tickling my belly button. I kept laughing and wiggling around. He kept telling me to “give him my big belly button” and I said “no” he just kept tickling me and taunting me to give him my big belly button. I kept saying no. this tickling transaction went on for a while. His daughter tried to help me but he would tickle her too. He let me go and stopped tickling us. He said that he never seen a belly so ticklish before let alone a belly button so big. He said every time he see my belly he is going to tickle me.

Needless to say I went over there several more times with my belly button showing so he could tickle me. These were fun time that were had.

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  • Im looking for person who was nice to me and i called him daddy. i cant find you and im sad alot. im in hospotal and i dont no what to do huggs

  • Daughter you have big sister with you right? I love you so much daughter.

  • No i have no sisters and was it you i was talk too xxxx

  • I have two daughters in hospital at the moment. I had shaved all my hair off so I can be just like her.

  • I am confused here and i just want to no if it was you i was talking with ages ago. you were very nice to me and then you just went and its ok if you dont want to talk with me so. i guess your busy with your two girls in hospital and that. i will not annoy you again so. i hope you daughters will be home soon and by by xxxx

  • Are you the person i was talking to ages ago and im in hospital also. what happend to your girls and im sorry they are not well xxxx

  • It is very possible I have talked to you before. One daughter had fallen and had a broken foot the other had fallen and hit her head and the third went in for checkup and found tumors all three have cancer.

  • Im sorry i annoyed you i truely am. it must have been someone else i was chat too by by xxxx

  • Sorry if im annoy you and i have what you said and i lived with my uncle before. my mom and dad died on me and my moms sister is come up to me. im not allowed to see my uncle again and it was ages ago since i seen him. i no you are busy and i promise i wont annoy you again xxxx

  • I am confused also do not worry daughter we will continue on. I love you so much daughter.

  • Are you sure and i no your busy with your daughters. it is ok if you cant anyway xxxx

  • I am most sure I know it does get busy at times. I will never leave you. I love you forever.
    What you have said I am remembering bits and pieces.

  • Thank you very much and i dont see anybody realy. my aunt and best friend and my teacher visits me and some lady about my uncle xxxx

  • Honey why are you in hospital help me remember please ?

  • It is ok and i was told i have to go sleep. you are nice and i no you are busy. i dont mind andbit was ages ago i talked with you. by by and at least you were nice xxxx

  • You are my everything. I love you so much daughter.

  • I have cancer and i told you before. it is ok if you are busy and i mean it xxxx

  • How old are you sweetie..

  • I’m good and grown now.

  • How old were you when it happend sweetie...

  • I was between 5-6 years old

  • Oh s*** 5, so sexy


  • Did it make your little p**** all tingley...

  • No it made my belly button hard to where he tickled it harder and harder

  • Maybe her daddy got hard doing it too you...

  • Maybe so but I hope not

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