Getting Beat Up

I'm a female who like being beat up by males. I love trying to get them to punch me in the stomach.

My favorite encounter was one night at the park. There was a group of guys drinking and they were pretty drunk. I decided to start some mess with them. I'm black, 5'9" 280lbs. I was dressed in a very tight shirt that rolled up when I walked which makes it pretty enticing to be punched in the stomach.

So I started some mess with this group of guys, they got mad, I punched one guy in the face, his friend grabbed me in a hold to stop me. My shirt rolled all the way up and my whole belly was out. The guy call me a fat b**** and punched me right in the belly. I said to him is that all you got? He stepped up and punched me again. I said ouch! His friend noticed my belly button was sticking out and he told his friend to grab her belly button and punch her again. He grabbed a hold of my belly button and squeezed it and punched me in the belly. He said said to me, did you like that you fat f***? I said, no you hit like a b****! His friend said I will put an end to this, he punched me three times to the belly with the last one landing right in my belly button. I moaned ouch really loud. Then one guy came up to me and started smacking me very h****** the belly. He kept smacking me and asking me if I liked it! He made me look at him in the eyes as he was smacking me. The first guy got one last punch and they released me from the hold that I was in. I fell to the ground and they went back to drinking. They told me to get my fat ass out of there before they beat my ass again.

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  • I dated a woman for a while who wanted me to abuse her. It seemed weird to me at first but she told me that she couldn't get off unless I was punching her in the stomach while we had s**. That turned into me smacking her around once in a while (at her request) both in and out of the bedroom. She told me that she was a virgin when she had her first serious relationship at 20. The guy was very abusive and eventually she accepted that abuse was a normal part of a relationship. She also associated s** with pain and couldn't enjoy it any other way. I broke up with her because one night she wanted me to give her a black eye, saying that she wanted everyone to know that she was my property. I refused, lost my b**** and headed toward the bathroom. She followed me in and said "Well if you won't give me a black eye will you at least p*** on me?" That was it for me. I walked out of the bathroom, threw my clothes on and left. When I saw her again a few months later and she had the black eye she wanted. I approached her and told her that I thought she needed to get some type of therapy before she got seriously hurt. She just shrugged her shoulders and walked away.

  • I dated a woman who had a thing for having her hair pulled and yanked, hard, to the point her neck would snap back. Was at a bar with her one night, talking, having a few, and lightly tugging the back of her hair, when she told me "Pull it..Hard..Yank it right back..Trust me, you'll be happy you did". So, I pulled her hair, hard, and her head just flew back. Did it to her several times.

    On the way home, in my car, I kept doing it to her, first gentle, little pulls, then rough, head-snapping yanks. She told me to stop underneath a broken streetlight on a side road, and pleasured me until I exploded onto my boxers and car seat. That's what pulling her hair, hard, did to her...We made it a regular thing. Damn, I loved that..

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