What a night.

My room mate Ariel (Not the little mermaid) is dating a guy named Evan who is UBER hot and a few years older but hot, Like wow, He is really something to look at and actually smart and a nice guy. They are still in the early stages of their relationship and are constantly in the bedroom, I hardly even ever see them.
Last night we were all at the apartment drinking and had smoked a bit, they eventually headed off to the bedroom and so i got bored and showered then headed to bed. I was laying in bed and heard a knock at the door so i said "come in" and of course it was A, She walked in but Evan was right behind her, I am not a shy person but was kind of surprised by the way they just came right into my room, A sat on my bed and Evan was just in his ginch which made me blush and made my heart flutter, A looked at me and said "We wanna get wild".
I honestly wasn't sure what she meant but i giggled and said "Oh?" and then Evan stepped up beside the bed in front of A and she pulled down his underwear, I was shocked and caught off guard, Not only is he gorgeous but has a six pack and a really big p****, I could see it through his underwear but when it popped out i was shocked, I have been with 10 guys and a couple that i thought were big but he has them all beat by at least two inches. Anyway i turned my head away and said "Whao, WTF!!!" and A laid down on the bed beside me and said "Oh come on, Like you haven't thought about it". Yeah ok, I did IN CONFIDENCE, And after drinking, tell her how hot he was and we had a discussion about him in bed but wow this was not something i had considered, He sat on the bed beside me and put his hand on my arm and it was like i was frozen, All i could do was look at him and smile nervously while he took my hand and put it on his p****, It felt even bigger than it looked. I was sweating and quivering and couldn't even speak as he put his hand on mine and started stroking it up and down.
A snuggled up beside me and i had one arm under her as she laid on her side and started nibbling my ear, We have been room mates for 2 years and friends for 7 but she never once said anything about being interested in anything like this, I had one arm trapped under her and he had his hand on my other one as A started to unbutton my top, I always wear full pj's which she makes fun of me for all the time and calls them my grandma pj's since she wears just a tank top and thong around the apartment and to bed but she unbuttoned my top and folded it open and my heart was racing, I swear you could see it beating through my chest. If there is one part of my body i like it is my b**** but i don't flaunt them or show them off really, Just normal cleavage tops when we go out and stuff so i was really nervous having them out in the open in front of the two of them, Evan cupped one and A cupped the other and then A leaned in and licked my nipple, I cleared my throat and started rubbing her back and then Evan said "Wow, you were right" and she said "Right", I looked at her and she whispered in my ear "I told him you had great b****". Evan took his hand off mine but it was like my hand was glued there, He straddled my stomach and i kept stroking him, He leaned over me and kissed me as they both groped me then he worked his way down my body kissing every inch then stopped to lick my nipple as A pinched it and pulled it up toward his mouth with her fingers.
Evan kissed his way down my body and hooked his fingers in my waistband, I didn't lift my hips but i could feel him pulling my pj's down and feel them sliding over my bum until they popped down, i could feel him kiss his way over my pubic area then as my pants slid down my thighs i knew i was fully exposed, I knew at that point he could see my vag and luckily i had shaved it and my legs in the shower which i don't always do in the winter since there is no chance of wearing shorts and i am single at the moment. It was like my body wasn't listening to what my brain was telling it, I couldn't even control my movements as Evan pushed my pants down as far as he could and then used his foot to slide them off my feet.
I don't even know how but A had gotten her tank top off and i was rubbing her back as she licked and sucked on my nipples and my legs involuntarily spread as Evan kissed my upper thighs, Oh god, I was shaking and scared and nervous and h**** and high and drunk and my brain wouldn't work and my body wouldn't listen to my brain, Evan kissed my inner thighs and i couldn't stop my self, I lifted my legs putting them on his back and grabbed his head pulling him to me, finally his tongue touched my vag and i let out a groan which was not at all sexy and lifted my hips as A giggled at my involuntary actions. I looked at A and she was now naked and laying on her side, Evan had one hand between her legs and was licking me when i felt him slide one then two fingers in me and he hit something i couldn't even find myself, I gasped as he started rubbing the inside of me and i could feel my eyes doing weird things, getting wide then closing and rolling back in my head but i couldn't stop them, He brought me to the edge then stopped a few times as i tried to grind my hips on his hand, Each time all i wanted was to get off but he wouldn't let me, I always thought the G-spot was just a story since i hadn't ever found it and no one else had either despite a few guys looking for it.
I had not been with a girl before that but i couldn't even concentrate on her with Evan doing what he was doing, A got on her knees and we were kissing and she was groping me then Evan straddled my stomach as A cupped my b**** and he slid his p**** between them, He is so big that even with me being a D his p**** stuck out the top and would almost hit me in the chin, That really wasn't doing much for me so i gabbed him and pulled it to my mouth, I don't normally give head but i opened my mouth and tried to pull as much of him into it as i could, Honestly it was probably a feeble attempt since even i knew i barely had a quarter of it in before i couldn't fit anymore.
I was on my back looking up at Evan as he looked down at me, He had his hands behind his back rolling my nipples as he said "You have beautiful eyes", I was just getting hornier and hornier with everything he did, He knew exactly what to do and what to say and when to do it and when to say it, I could feel A rubbing my thighs and legs and didn't even notice until that moment she had moved but i had both hands running up and down Evan's chest and stomach as he pulled out of my mouth and he slid down beside A, He grabbed a handful of her hair with one hand, pulled her head back and kissed her then put his other hand on my thigh and pushed her head between my legs.
First times are usually so awkward and weird but this was just wonderful, Evan started guiding her through what to do and everything he said i just thought yes please, Yes do that and never even gave a second thought to the fact that it was my friend and room mate and closest confidant who was doing it, eventually i couldn't take anymore and whispered "Please f*** me" Which is not a phrase that has ever came out of my mouth before, Never have i ever actually wanted someone to stop oral but i couldn't take anymore, A kissed her way up my body until she put her nipple in my mouth, Evan lifted my legs and as he slid his huge p**** in me i think i almost passed out from ecstasy I moaned as he started going and then A flipped a leg over my head, I didn't even think about it, I just grabbed her hips and started licking her, She got on all fours and was licking my c*** as Evan f***** me, I was lost in my own head but when A started to shake she squatted down with her hips and then moaned a couple times and clenched her thighs on my head, Obviously i have never been there when a girl came before and it was a bit surprising how wet she got but more surprising than that was when i came, She pushed my head to the pillow to make me stop licking her and i just played with her a bit as she and Evan pushed me over the edge.
I had a sensation i have never had and when i came i "squirted", I hate that word but that's what happened, It was so amazing and so weird and so embarrassing but i flooded the sheets, I could feel that it was wet everywhere and soon as i stopped coming Evan grabbed my b**** hard and shoved his p**** deep inside me letting out a moan, Even when he comes he is hot, He pounded it into me a few times and i could actually feel him come in me, A had rolled off me and was laying beside me but had slid down so she could watch him slide in and out and she was squeezing his b**** as he came. When he was done she pulled him out of me and sucked the last of his come out then laid down beside me again, We all laid there in the soaking wet bed for a few minutes before all showering together and then i peeled my blankets off tossing them in the corner and we all crawled into Ariel's bed together.
they left to go somewhere this morning and after having another shower to get dirty not clean i decided i needed to tell someone, I am literally sitting here waiting for them to come back and hoping they want to f*** again.

Feb 7, 2018

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