My Secret Fantasy

I self-identify as bisexual, but I've never been with a woman, mostly because the opportunity just never presented itself. But, dammit, I want my p**** licked by a lady! A full-figured lady with hips and b****, a bit of a belly, and large but muscular thighs. I just want to try it. I want a woman to smear her lip gloss all over me. I want to feel a soft body on mine as we rock and grind against each other. I want to bury my face in some plump b****. I want to make a girl moan like I moan.

I always imagine it happening randomly and in a naughty way, like with a friend in a jacuzzi, starting out just talking about our lives and our problems, and then just suddenly realizing that we're both h****, meeting each other's eyes, both knowing what we want but not saying. Then, at some point in the conversation, going in for a hug, feeling her soft, wet b**** pressing up against mine. Then pulling out of the hug, looking into each other's eyes, and then just diving into a full makeout session. Kissing her all over her neck and shoulders, straddling her and grinding her with my hips, hearing her start to breathe heavily. I'd run my hands all around her belly and back, and then grab her b**** gently and start fondling them, feeling out the edges of her nipples with my fingertips. If she was into it, I'd then dip my hand down into the water and start tracing my fingers along the outside of her swimsuit. I'd wait for her to ask me to finger her, and then I'd just slip my fingers into her suit, gently tickling and caressing her bush and her v****, sliding my finger softly along the slit, back to front and back again, exploring her. Then, when she wasn't expecting it, I'd sink my finger into the slit, feeling the slickness of her p**** as well as the her swollen c*******, wanting me. I'd rub her, slowly at first, and then gaining speed, causing her to breathe even heavier and to grind and buck. I'd draw it out, letting her enjoy it while nibbling on her ear and whispering to her about how f****** hot she was to me. I'd love to make a girl come using just my fingers.

She could return the favor later.


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  • And stetches them out*

  • It's not that great after awhile, my best friend and roommate annoys me and steals my clothes and attaches them! OMG I can never let her read this! lol

  • wow a lot of ppl seem to feel the same way =]
    the hard part is identifying who will fool around with you!

  • i have the EXACT same fantasy... you should email meee.

  • It's the curse of anonymity. I don't dare put any contact info on here.

    I would consider, though, if anyone was interested, setting up a new, anonymous email account just for cyber s**. Any of you ladies out there could do the same, just posting an email address here that has absolutely no personal information connected with you at all. I'd never know who you are, and you'd never know who I am, but we could share our fantasies. Whaddaya say?

  • i think i just fell in love with you..i wrote the same exact confession a couple of days ago. this has been a fantasy of mine for a while. nice to here from someone who feels the same way i do


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