Accidental Exposure

High school, it contains some of my best memories. From playing sports with my friends to being involved in school clubs and hanging out at lunch and after school. Its safe to say some of my favorite memories in life come from high school. And on the other hand, it contains my most awful embarrassing experience. It was my Junior year at high school, late into the month of may with only about three more days left of the school year. It was during Physical Education class and some times the boys and girls would have class together when it was a simple sport like kickball, volleyball, and swimming for example. Or especially when it was the last week of school. During the last week we were basically free to do what we want on the playing field. Some would play soccer others played catch with a baseball some walked around the track and some would just hang around talking. So you get the point, our last days were take it easy days. So i was playing some football with my friends and our PE teacher was also our football coach so he was really cool with us and let us play tackle football. Obviously we didnt play too hard, just soft light tackling. There was a group of girls sitting about 20 ft away from our "field" made from cones. During one particular play that happened near the end of the field where the girls were sitting, it happened. There was a fumble on the play from the other team and almost all my teammates yelled "FUMBLE" so all the screaming and chaos over a fumble got a lot of peoples attention, especially the group of girls who were right near us. I reacted quickly and picked up the fumbled ball to run it back. And im a fairly big guy so it took the other team two players to tackle me. The first guy couldnt get me down alone while wrapping his arms around my thighs. The only thing he brought down was my shorts...and my underwear. And then the second guy came in and helped him finish tackling me. All i heard was laughter. And felt completely embarrassed. I wasnt really packing too much down there either so that just added salt to the wound. It was the most humiliating experience in my life. So many jokes and teasing followed from that incident.

Feb 11, 2018

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  • At least you don't have a micropenis like me.

  • So you are basically a woman with a big c***.

  • I bullied a kid in high school. I'm now ashamed of it. We pulled his pants and undies off and made him run around while we threw them to each other. I wonder what happened to him. I turned into this lonely socially mixed up looser who comes to web sites like this.

  • I used to have my friends pull down my shorts on purpose in PE. I have a big d*** and couldn't just pull it out, so I would tell my friends to act like it was a prank so I could show the girls. I f***** several different girls in school because they saw what I had.

  • Something like that happened with me too.. But take it positively... Atleast now all the girls know you... Maybe as a victim of an accident but now you can easily make them your friends as soon as you convert that accident into a past incident

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