I confess I have been sleeping with my boyfriend's childhood friend/cuz for 3 years. Long story short. Been with boyfriend a decade a few years ago he started cheating, doing drugs, and abusing me. I found friendship in his childhood friend which turned physical. I'm don't think I love my boyfriend anymore but I'm not in love with his friend neither. P
Certain people think I should give him a chance for the two kids we have and since he just got out of jail after a short time that "he might have learned his lesson". But I was happy and was enjoying life not having to worry about what he was going to put and being able just to go-to a store alone, and see my friends again. :-(

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  • Do him a favor and leave him you fucken s***.

  • Is your bar so low you hang onto an abusing loser?

  • She said they have been together for over with kids. She didn't say what kind of abuse and it was stated that it's a fairly recent thing not something that went on the whole relationship. Coming from a similar situation I know how it can be when kids are crying for their dad and people pressuring you to keep your family together

  • If you end it with the druggie/convict/boyfriend, I think you'll find that the relationship with his friend/cousin has lost most of its appeal. My two cents? Keep them both until someone better comes along, and then break up with them. The thrill of infidelity is irreplaceable, and so you should hold on to it until you get something deeply sexual and wildly overheated. You're in a great position: don't surrender it.

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