I want to sleep with my boyfriend’s best friend.

Here is the deal. I have been with my boyfriend for about a year and three months, and I genuinely love him more than life itself. We are perfectly compatible and have an amazing s** life. He is the one I see myself spending the rest of my life with, and I would never want to do something to hurt him or lose him. His best friend on the other hand, is VERY attractive. This is a friend he has had since middle school, someone he thinks of as a brother. He lives in a different city than us, about 2 hours away so they don’t see each other in person very often. I have met him face to face only twice, but they videochat daily. Recently my boyfriend and I took a trip to his hometown and we met up with said best friend for a night. This was the first time I felt this intense sexual attraction to him. I knew he was cute, but being around him and seeing him in person sent my head into a tizzy. Since that night, I just can’t stop thinking about him. Not in a romantic way, I don’t wish he was my boyfriend instead of my own man. I can’t stop thinking about having s** with him. H***, I would be thrilled at the chance to have them both at once!
I could never tell my boyfriend I feel this way about his very best friend. Maybe he would consider a threesome since we are adventurous, but even that is wishful thinking. The guilt of having this thought is crushing me. I literally have to ignore the arousal when I hear his voice on videochat with my boyfriend, or the blush that happens when my boyfriend mentions his name. The other night when we were having s** I was even picturing what it would be like if his friend was there too. I love my boyfriend and I would never cheat on him, but I feel so bad but intrigued by the thought of having his best friend, or both of them. Is this normal? Am I a bad girlfriend?


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  • NO not a bad girlfriend , just being honest about your feelings, I think you can carefully bring it up with your bf and see how he feels about you 3 together ..

  • I want my girlfriend to have s** with my best friend. It would be aqwesome!

  • Next time they video chat walk around in your bra and panties, or less. See if your boyfriend puts the camera on you. See if his friend comments. You will have a good idea if either of them are into the idea of a threesome. You will also get really turned on showing his friend your goods.

  • Ask your boyfriend during s** if he thinks others guys want to f*** you. If he mentions his friend doesn’t want to f*** you, drop it. If he does ask how he feels about. Maybe you’ll get your opportunity

  • Just do it. Try him out.

  • What the f*** is your problem?

  • I for one have always got off watching my wife get f***** by another guy. But when we were dating if I found out she was hot for another guy,especially a close friend. I'd have told her to f*** off and would never speak to her again. If you want another guy so bad I don't think you're really in love with your boyfriend. So if your so hot for another guy I'll give you a good f******.

  • What makes you think his friend would have s** with You? My best friends girlfriend came on to me one time. She was very attractive and I would have had s** with her had she not been my best friends girl. Sometimes friendship really is stronger than some piece of ass.

  • You're underestimating the stupidity of most people-- boys who risk everything for a piece of tail, and girls who think all they have to do is jiggle their rack to get what they want. Unfortunately, stupid people breed more than intelligent people do, so we live in an idiocracy.

  • Not at all I wish you were my girlfriend I would love it my girlfriend would have s** with my friend not all guys think the same so be careful if you probe his thoughts on this although he should at least realize that girls have fantasy too

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