I was sitting beside the bed holding Mandy's hand as Lewis a black guy we met on a dating site was also on the bed with his head in between her legs .
Mandy was cooing softly as his tongue licked the folds of her freshly shaved p**** lips her eyes were closed with a languid smile curving her lips and she was holding her legs in the air taking deep breaths but far from o***** yet as He teased her p**** with the tip of his tongue and she would smile and open her eyes and crane her neck looking down between her 36 C-cup b****** watching him lick her.
Occasionally she would look up at me biting her lower lip her eyes flashing with pleasure and Lewis was clearly as good as he had claimed as I watched my wife squirm underneath his assault on her treasure .

she gasped out My god he is fantastic Larry Ooooo I liked that as her body shook with pleasure and she looked back at his shaved black head as he began to cat lick her clitty and her body bucked uncontrollably .
She released her legs and grabbed the back of his head as he forced his tongue inside of her p**** closing her eyes tightly as her body undulated forcing his tongue deeper into her crying out softly then her body began to relax and she breathed deeply as Lewis continued licking her. I asked did you c** and she smiled up at me and said my god yes her lips parted in a smile and her eyes had that just been f***** look kind of sleepy you know.
Lewis was still licking her and I asked will you c** again and she laughed softly cooing and said yes I will baby he is fantastic then she closed her eyes tightly and her hands grabbed handfuls of the bed sheet and her body arched off the bed as she grunted her feet flat on the bed as she came again.
I watched her face tight in a grimace as she came on his tongue then it slowly began to relax into a smile of contentment and her breath began a slow exhale as her body returned to the bed.
Lewis continued to lick her p**** slowly licking up her fluids then he raised hi bald head up and smiled widely at me and I gave him a thumbs up.
He stood and his c*** was rock solid and I kind of expected him to mount her with his c*** being a couple inches longer and about half again as big around as mine is but he walked around the bed then pulled Mandy by her arms over to the side of the bed to his c*** and she laughed as his c*** was just above her mouth now and she began to lick his long shaft and suck his b**** for long seconds until Lewis moved back a little then Mandy took his c*** head and pulled it to her mouth sucking on his c*** head as his hips began to undulate slowly.
Lewis was looking over at me and I asked are you going to c**?
He said I want to c** in her p**** but I like this do you mind ?
I said no take as long as you want dose it bother you with me watching and he laughed saying no I like it when the husband watches.
We talked for awhile with him admitting that he preferred white wives over single girls just because of the slavery thing he guessed but I liked it to maybe for the same reason I don't know but after a while he stepped back and pulled Mandy farther until her head was hanging over the side of the bed then he reinserted his c*** back into her mouth and I watched as he slowly slid it inch by inch into her mouth until Mandy gagged then he said breath through your nose and pushed harder and I watched her throat swell as his c*** forced it way into her throat and Mandy began to struggle but he didn't stop until his b**** were tight against her nose then he relaxed and began to pull it out of her mouth and as soon as it drooped from her mouth he spun her around lifting her legs up as he crawled up on the bed and stuck his c*** into her p**** and with just after he stroked into her several frantic strokes he cried out forcing his c*** deep into her as he came and Mandy was looking up at him her eyes wide in shock and her head bent awkwardly against the headboard as his body strained against hers and then he made several more quick strokes into her and pulled her tight against him again.
Mandy looked over at me eyes still wide and said he is C****** baby I can feel him C****** in me then she looked up at him as his face began to relax from his grimace as he came and his body to responded to his post o***** stance.
They f***** once more and the second time he took his time and Mandy was able to c** three more times with his c*** in her.
I couldn't believe how much c** he had though both times she had to use the bathroom to clean up.

Feb 22, 2018

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  • When he was eating her p**** you should have been making him c** in your throat!

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