A terrible wrong turn

I was repeatedly raped and sodomized for two days by at least three men. I lived in Lerado, Texas and would drive into Mexico often to buy drugs, mostly weed or meth. I was a stupid and niave 20 yearold at the time. It started on a Friday night, I made a wrong turn and was lost somewhere near Sabinas and couldn't find route 85 to get back home. I found a small resturant and when in for some coffee as I was getting tired and had smoked some pot earlier. I got directions and when I went back to my car two men grabbed me and pulled me behind a truck. I was punched sveral times in the head and they took my purse. I wasn't completely unconcious but was disoriented and felt like I was going to pass out. I remember being pulled into a van or small truck by my hair and the next thing I remember was being in a filthy house. Two Mexican men threw me on the bed and undressed me. As I tried to fight them off I was screaming and kicking at them. The one kept hollaring at me and smacking me and when I was naked he force my panties in my mouth and tied my hands to the bed. They then took turns raping me. I was histerical and couldn't stop crying and the one kept smacking my face. I seriously thought they were going to kill me. They left the bedroom for awhile but tied my feet to the bed and blindfolded me. I'm not sure how long I laid there but I could hear them come back in the room. They touched me all over and then both raped me again. I either passed out or fell asleep and when I awoke I could hear them talking and knew there were 3 or 4 of them in the room. I was thirsty, hungry and had to pee. I tried talking but my panties were still in my mouth. One of them pulled them out and I told them I had to pee but they didn't speak English. I guess they finally understood what I was saying and one of them untied my feet and hands and pulled me to the bathroom by the hair. They left the blindfold on me and I had to go so bad it didn't matter who was watching me. He took me into another room which I asume was the kitchen and they feed me and gave me juice to drink. The whole time I was still blind folded but could see a little at the bottom of the rag or whatever it was, and knew it was daytime. I was taken back to the bedroom and for hours I was forced to give them oral s** and again I was brutally raped buy all of them. Til today I'm not sure if there were 3 or 4. They left me alone for along time and gave me fruit juice and made me drink tequilla. Every once in awhile one of them would drag me to the bathroom. Later that day I was forced to shower and I knew they were in the room as I did and the one again would constantly slap my face. Then it started all over again. One at a time they came in and raped me and forced me to give them oral s**. Two of them had a*** s** with me and by this time I wanted to die. They kept forcing me to drink the tequilla and aside from bing drunk I was getting sick. I was alone for awhile but unable to untie myself and they were back again. It seemed like hours and they continued raping and abusing me and forceing me to drink the tequilla. This time I must have passed out and don't remember them moving me. I woke up on the floor naked in the back of my car in the resturant parking lot. I had vomited and it was all over me. A woman who worked there was knocking on my widow and had called the police. My clothes were on the seat but only my shoes, shorts and top. They must have kept my bra and panties. I was able to dress before the police got there and they took me to a hospital in Piedras Negras. The humiliation continued as I was in sturrups being examined by two doctors and two nurses and as I looked around one of the policeman was there also. One of the nurses spoke English and was trying to calm me down and I just kept crying. They did a rape kit and a police women came to question me about what happened. I didn't know where they took me or what direction it was or how far away it was. I didn't even know what kind of van or truck I was in. All I wanted to do was go home. Afterwards I went in to clean up and get dressed. When I looked in the mirror I had two black eyes and a cut over my right eye and bottom lip. My brests, thighs and buttocks were bruised and red and my whole body hurt. They wanted me to call family or friends to come for me but I was so humiliated and ashamed I didn't want anyone to know. The police took me back to my car and guided me back to route 85. I was told to call them in case they ever caught the men, but never did. I explained the injuries to my face as a fall down the stairs. I never told anyone about this and never will. I have learned to live with it but still have nightmares occasionally. This happened in 1982. I'm 46 years old now and have a loving husband and two kids. I read sometimes where women have a sexual fantasy about rape. All I can say is it is a traumatizing experience and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. It is dagradation, humiliation and very painful and not someting to fantasize about.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • That's what you get for being a dirty druggie junkie

  • I love this! I wish I had you too!






  • Damn. You probably will never go back to Mexico.

  • oh yeah i remember your hot ass, oh baby i f***** every hole you have lololol but you forgot one part, when you were on your hands and knees with that dog f****** you, come on babe you remember all that part dont you, well you should do we have that dog f*** you 4 times baby and you sucked his d*** lolol

  • My God! What a WORTHLESS piece of S*** you are! You will NOT enjoy h***...that's where you will end up!

  • Hey a******, why don't you imagine those Mexi-c**** sticking it in your mother's, sisters' or wife's meat holes. If you think about it and actually get off then you're not only a s***-for-brains moron with too much masturbation time but you're also a little f***** in the head. Which ever one it is, why don't you do the world a favour and swallow your own tounge, c*******.

  • I think ur lying... If u were, and still so humilated to tell ur family and friends about what happened then how do u have the guts to post ur so called rape event online so everyone can see... I am willing to bet ur not even a woman... Just some sick male perv who finds posting stories up like this as a good way to get some kicks

  • Whatever anonymous, i can tell shes not lying.. But neways, shes telling about her rape on ths website, because its a confession website, and no one knows who she is and this is a good way to get out whatever is bugging you...If u were raped brutally, over and over.. it would haunt u for the rest of ur life and u would not tell a single soul only because ur ashamed and embarrassed and most of all scared that it happended... And if had nobody else to tell, u might as well post it somewhere, where no 1 knows u and atleast, some people can feel ur pain.. Neways yahh

  • sounds like fun, i wish i was one of the guys

  • That was HOTT.
    Wish I was mexican.

  • if this is real.. you have guts to put this past you and not have told anyone. i would've died, i think

  • laredo tx- most people can at least spell the town they live in correctly

    terrible story, but I'm thinking BS. If not...

  • I'm sorry, thats really terrible, but really there is NO reason to be ashamed!

  • Too damn long.
    Didn't even read it.

  • and then I wanted to actually kill someone.
    I am so sorry, darling...

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