Yeah, I should have been stronger. She was so gorgeous and smart too. Perfect tight body, flawless face and hair, and she chased me for over a year. She knew I was married, that's part of what she sought. My desires were great and could not gain the satisfaction at home during that time. I was at the movies with my son when she called. I could have let it go to voice-mail, but I stepped out and took the call. "I'm having tequilla and I'm out of limes.... could you bring a couple over for me?". When the movie ended, I took my son home, made a lame excuse and off I went. A quick stop at the store for limes, and I found myself in her bed. We spent 2 hours in every conceivable position, having every imaginable type of s**. I went home. We did it a few other times, then she dumped me. I've never told my wife, and it's been 8 years now. I'll take this secret to my grave. Why? Because telling her would only make me feel better, it would hurt her so badly. So I'll deal with my guilt on my own.

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  • You deserved it.

  • i hope that vicious b**** gets whats coming to her!!!

  • and then women sit around with cocktails wondering 'why do men hate us?' and 'why do men beat women?'

  • I totally get it, yes. I would never hit a woman, not ever, but like these guys, I have certainly been mad enough at my lazy-ass selfish b**** of a wife that I've wanted to slap her several times in the 19 years we've been married. Knowing that the physical violence will never happen makes the anger more intense, I think, because it can't come out the way it's intended.

  • I came home one night while my wife and some of her girlfriends were drinking their way to hating their husbands, and then hating all men, and I eavesdropped on the conversation which was just exactly like you said. I never let on that I overheard what they said, but I've never forgotten how completely self-centered they all are, and how completely deluded they are about men. All that s*** about how oppressed women are? They need to read this poster's story and see why men don't trust them . . . . with good f****** reason, we don't trust them! It's because they ALL have THIS s*** in their dark little souls! They talk about being used, but THEY are the users!!

  • amen!

  • Good on ya: never tell the missus. Ever. And as for that hideous shrew who toyed with you, we can but hope that karma has a tasty treat in store for her in her future. Or that there's special place in h*** for women who play those games with people's hearts and lives. She actually gives b****** a bad name, eh?

  • I concur......those kind of b****** deswerve a special punishment.

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