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I'm a sophomore in high school and I transferred to a new school at the beginning of the school year. I met this girl (freshman, 14) who is now my best friend. She's totally awesome and I love her sooooo much (it's a motherly love). She has 3 sibling. 2 brothers (senior, 18 and sophomore, 16) and 1 sister (8th grade, 13). None of them get along, not even in the slightest. They're constantly at each other's throats and I'm really afraid that they'll actually accidentally kill each other. With their bare hands. I don't know what their home life is like because she's a bit reluctant to have me over, but ever since her family came to Night of Stars (the school talent show) and heard me sing, her parents have decided that they love me and want to have me over.

Her older brother (sophomore, 16) and I (sophomore, female, 15) are friends and she's totally fine with it. He's not a jock or a player at all, he's not really a j*** or pervy or anything like that. He's super smart and not afraid to speak his mind. He literally walked up to the English teacher (he's in honors English) and told him that the assignment was stupid and useless. He's passionate about whatever he does and he has a good sense of humor. He knows where to draw the line between teasing and bullying and he's really sweet to me.

The problem is, I'm crushing h****** him and I'm really scared to tell her because I don't want her to hate me. I don't want to keep this a secret forever because it'll probably end up killing me but I don't want to loose my best friend over this.

What should I do?

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  • It's not going to kill you to keep your secret. Quit blowing up on drama would help yourself.

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