What Should I do?

So from 8th grade I knew this girl She was in 7th grade. We aren't really friendly at that time...we both considered as mortal enemy always insulting each other. Then time went we started talking and without any warning my heart fell into love with her when I was in sophomore year. I told her and she said she love me too! Things were good for six moths then I f***** up! I started acting like a****** and talking s***. From then it was on-off in our talk. Its been two years now we talk sometime and the relationship doesn't exist anymore. I really I love her now I know I f***** up badly before but I'm really in love with her....any day she absent from school I get worried cuz she get sick easily. I'm one person who don't care about nobody except for myself and family but I care bout her. I don't want to write a paragraph telling her how much I love her and care about her because I don't want to look weak and needy. I don't want to text her first....my pride and ego is strong. I Guess I will let my Pride and Ego eat me up till she find someone else then ill just go and cry. I don't want anybody to have her...I can only understand when her mood swing happen. When she is sad, what make her happy.

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  • Study hard. Get good grades. Go to college. Possibilities abound.

  • Pray she finds someone good enough for her while you do a huge amount of growing up.

  • You have two choices: hold on to your pride and ego with both hands OR drop that s*** and grab hold of her with those hands. You can't carry both!

    One of those choices will hold you up, the other will hold you back.

    And only one of those choices are likely to make you happy, healthy, and love and care for you right back. Good luck.

  • Pray

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