Not what you think.

Last night my husband was in the garage working on his car, Kids were in bed and I was laying in bed watching 50 shades on netflix, If you have been locked away in a cage for the last few years and don't know what 50 shades is it is as my husband calls it "Housewife p***" and it is pretty hot, I think the books are hotter than the movies but whatever.
I was getting a little excited and decided to flip to something a little more stimulating and went to the web browser and brought up my usual "Go to" and made sure everyone was asleep then crawled into bed with my "Toy" and got started, As I was getting going I went to rewind and clicked on a different movie by accident, It brought up an amateur girl on girl scene. Yeah i know lots of straight girls watch it but it just never really crossed my mind to actually look at it, Anyway it came up and I was about to click back to the original one when I looked at the screen and silently gasped.
I honestly thought the one girl was a friend of mine at first, You couldn't see her face since it was between the other girls thighs but her hair was similar, Her build was similar and she had a lower leg tattoo in almost the same place as my friend but I couldn't see it real good, I wasn't watching because I was enjoying it at first, I only started watching it because I thought it was a friend and don't kid yourself...Anyone would, 20 seconds later I realized it wasn't when she looked at the guy filming and started sucking him and I actually giggled to myself at the relief it wasn't her.
The guy involved was quite...well hung and the girls were good looking and the oral with the two girls on him was kind of catching my attention so I stayed on that screen and watched for a minute...Ok, More than a minute but you get the idea. I got comfy and was enjoying the show so i started working on things and had kicked the covers off, I must not have locked the door when I went to check the kids because all of a sudden the door swung open and thank god it was my husband but unfortunately i was on the verge and beyond stopping so I just went for it and let him watch me finish.
Normally...We don't watch that kind of stuff together, We each know the other watches it from time to time and we both understand that sometimes you just need to take things into your own hands and just have a quick one by your self or that you don't really want the whole thing with the other person so it has never been a problem if one of us got caught or if one knew the other was doing that. Problem here is that when he walked in I was beyond stopping and the focus of the video was on the two girls and he immediately noticed the one that looks like my friend and tilted his head to the side trying to see her face but soon realized as I did that it is not her.
Yeah I finished pretty hard and yeah the whole thing with him walking in on me is actually kind of hot but now he thinks I am into girls...Like honestly thinks that, He went and showered after I regained my composure and covered up but when he came back we had a bit of a conversation and he asked if it was a new thing and I tried to explain, He tried to tell me it is fine if I am noticing changes in my preferred viewing material and so on, The whole conversation was so embarrassing and he still thinks I am starting to get into girls which I am not...Well...I have watched the same clip a few more times but more carefully but I don't have any urge to actually be with a girl it is just interesting to watch from time to time.
So...Yeah, Now my husband thinks I am turning Bi or just curious or something and even though he doesn't bring it up he gives me a little wink or nod toward my friend every time she is showing leg or cleavage or anything slightly provocative and i just sigh and shake my head.
On a side note I couldn't keep it to my self and one evening while drinking with my friend I brought it up, The video that is and her eyes got wide as she grabbed her phone and said "What...Whats it called?" She tried to bring it up but couldn't find it for whatever reason so i put it on the T.V. in the bedroom, We were standing on either side of the bed and right away when it started even she had to take a better look, She said "WOW...If she never showed her face that could almost pass as me", Showing it to her kind of backfired a bit because when we went back to the kitchen we were giggling about it and then she said "So...You guys watch it when you...", I choked and said "God no...Well...Once...Maybe twice" and her eyes got wide as she looked at me and then she said "You don' know...Pretend?" so that sparked a whole conversation about role playing and talking dirty and I admitted to talking dirty, She said she does as well and even admitted to saying things about me and her to her husband, My eyes got wide and I laughed as I said "WHAAAT?" she said "Oh stop...You don't say things that are totally for his benefit?" and I said "Well...Yeah...Of course i do", So then we got a bit more in detail and she is dirtier than I thought HAHA.
Even though the whole thing...Getting caught the way i did, Ending up having a WAY too in depth conversation about our bedroom hijinx with a close friend and finding out some and telling about some embarrassing things it was actually good to find out that other couples engage in similar stuff, I kind of always thought we were a bit dirtier than most but not so AND...I have never rode my husband leaning in and whispering about a fictional time that i went down on her in a bathroom stall at a concert which she admitted to, Now that's dirty lol.


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  • That's a lot of words

  • I got caught also but by my brother in law, I was home having a little session and didn't hear him come in, He didn't know I would be home so he never announced himself and I didn't expect anyone to be coming in.
    He had asked my husband (His brother) if he could borrow our expensive camera for a trip they were going on and i didn't tell my husband I was going home early so my husband just told him where it was (Bedroom walk in closet), I had the door closed but not all the way and when he came in the roomba was going in the kitchen which was why i closed our door and also why i didn't hear him unlock the door.
    It was kind of the perfect storm of things that if any one or all had not been happening it could have been a lot less embarrassing, So he didn't hear me, I didn't hear him and he walked in on me spread eagle watching some girl on girl stuff and was pretty into it, The door swung open and his eyes almost popped out of his head, He stared for a second until I looked up and screamed then he slammed the door and I had to run after him naked to catch him before he left but I got him stopped and of course the frickin roomba stopped leaving things quiet and you could hear my movie so I had to ask him not to leave as I did the walk of shame buck naked back to the room to shut it off before having the awkward talk with him to find out why he was there.
    To this day it's still a joke among us, Even his wife will get in on it and everyone thinks they are sooooo funny saying make sure you knock, Ring the doorbell and stuff but...You guys will get over it and at least it is your husband who has assumedly already seen you naked so at least you don't have that to deal with.

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