I just found out that my wife stayed at her mom's and I ended up having s** with her identical twin sister at my house. Is it wrong that her sister is way better at it. I'm not telling my wife ever. Maybe it will happen again

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  • The bad thing about f****** twins is you are basically f****** the same person. I have been lucky enough to have four different threeways so far, all FMF and we were all in college. One of those threeways was with twins. It was not as fun as the other three. I'm sure someone will disagree but I had more fun with the girls who were not twins.

  • I did the same thing once too. Female here but with two brothers. I met them at a bar and brought them both back to my apt. And let them double team me. At one point I think they were both in the same hole at same time. Best time ever

  • Was in a 3way luv triangle with des twins I have s** with 1 an den has s** wwith the other they think I was only lover but den they find out and I with both now.

  • This happens more than you would think. My ex girlfriend is a twin. Her sister ended up pregnant and claimed it was mine. I argued that I had never had s** with her so there was no way it was mine. I would have bet my life on it, but when the child was born the paternity test showed I was the father. Evidently my ex's sister snuck into my room one night when my ex was sleeping on the couch and had s** with me. I didn't know it was her sister and 9 months later I'm a father. Long story short, I'm now with the sister and my girlfriend then is now my ex. How f***** up is that.

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