Fetish backfired: Careful What You Wish For! :-(

I recently admitted to my wife I have a p*** fetish. I sometimes m********* to videos of hot chicks pooping, sometimes on other hot chicks or guys lucky enough to be used by them. My wife was less than impressed with me.
About a week ago she shared my fetish with a close friend of hers. This friend is a hottie, someone I’d love to enact my fetish with. Meanwhile my wife is really fat. She weighs a little over 400 pounds. I’ve not really ever considered the fetish with my wife, in part because I felt it lowers her and if I’m honest, I don’t like the idea of getting pooped on by a fat woman. Anyway, when my wife shared my fetish with her friend, her friend perked up. She asked me to tell her more and for a brief moment I felt a surge of excitement thinking this friend, a woman about whom I’ve fantasized this very fetish, was going to ask to do it with me. Then to my horror she began encouraging my wife to do it. At first my wife said no, but her friend convinced her to try. She said it would likely feel empowering and may improve the relationship dynamic in our marriage. Eventually my wife agreed the next time she needed to p*** she’d do it on me. I was trapped: I couldn’t just tell my wife I didn’t actually want to do it with her! I did try to nonchalantly say “naw, it’s ok it’s just a fantasy.” Her friend, ever so helpful, “encouraged” me saying “a lot of people never get to live their fantasies and here you Have a chance to do so with your own wife!”
The next morning it happened. My wife was intrigued and deliberately had eaten a large meal and dessert the night before. She made me lay down on the bathroom floor then squatted over my p****. She sent her friend a quick text saying we were about to go through with it. Then she let it go. Just like that my beautiful p**** was covered in fat girl p***. I was amazed at how much came out of her and further amazed (and horrified) knowing she poops usually 3 times a day.
Just as she was finishing up her friend texted back “pics or it didn’t happen.” So my wife told me to smile and took a picture of me. I was humiliated.
The worst part is she loved it. After I cleaned it all up she asked how I felt. I tried to play it cool and said it was a nice bucket list item checked off. That was when she admitted she really enjoyed it and wanted to do it again. I tried to say it was ok and she didn’t have to but she grew assertive and firmly said she wanted to. That was a Saturday and I got pooped on 2 more times. It has happened every day since then too. She’ll eat and look at me and tease me that whatever she’s eating will be on my d*** in a few days.
I hope she loses interest but I am losing hope she will. She told her friend she loves it a little more each time. She said it feels amazing and empowering and that’s hard for a fat girl to feel. I tried to hint that I didn’t want to get pooped on anymore and she made it clear it was too bad: I had started this and she liked it too much to stop. She also said she wouldn’t be giving me oral anymore because she has a hard time putting my p**** in her mouth knowing she poops on it regularly now. This is awful.
This isn’t what I wanted. It’s not how I pictured it at all. I fear I am going to end up my fat wife’s personal human toilet for the foreseeable future. And I really have nobody to blame but myself.

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  • Tell her to f*** off, don't be a dumbass. If you don't want to get s****** tell her to f*** off and that you don't want to do it end of story.

  • I can see why you would suggest this but it’s not that simple. She genuinely seems happy doing this and I am going through some serious guilt over wanting this fetish just not with her. I don’t want it to become confrontational. She’s still my wife and I hate arguing with her.

  • Update: I found a way to casually suggest to my wife that maybe her friend would enjoy pooping on me too. I figure if it’s my fate to be my fat wife’s toilet maybe I can at least get to experience my fantasy the way I actually envisioned it. Since her friend was the one who piqued my wife’s interest I thought maybe there was a risqué side there. My wife shot that right down and said she was the only one who gets to p*** on me. I’m trying really hard to just accept it. I feel bad because it seems to make my wife genuinely happy. She is always giddy with excitement when she tells me she has to p***. I wonder how long this is going to last. Surely the novelty will wear off at some point, right? Or maybe I just need to try harder to get on board.

    Any thoughts?

  • That's a s***** situation.

  • Well yeah. Do you have any thoughts other than the obvious observation?

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