Cheating talk

I love to ** my wife while she tells me how dirty she's been ** other guys behind my back. I make her scream out other guys names while I pound her hard.

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Life ** with children!

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  • **! We did the same thing, but her stories were real! I would call her ** and ** as I ** her. I loved when she called me other guys names that she had **, or wanted to **.

  • I love my wife telling me all the stories about her past. Like picking up hot guys narrried or not for a quckie. She’s told me she’s been ** in bathroom clubs, offices, outside clubs, in parks, and hotels. She loves and I mean loves sucking **. She admitted if a guy she met and ** had a huge ** or ** her ** really good she would have special nights to go by and visit. Friday’s Saturday and Sundays were her nights she went out and if she didn’t get ** by anyone that night she would make secret call. She’s even gone about to tell how she loves making a limp ** go fully erect in her mouth. I’ve seen some of her lovers and they have been some pretty attractive guys. It doesn’t bother me but excites the ** out of both of us. Let me say that I got my fair share of ** back and my day and she loves knowing what they were like

  • My wife often screams out her ex's name. It happened by accident at first but I loved it so she does it often. She normally adds things like "you're so much ** than my husband".

  • Like the previous responder, each to their own is the thing. My wife has zero libido. She just lies there with her hands beside her. She believes the wife should be submissive. I just ** her whenever I feel like it

  • My wife is similar by she puts her hands behind her head. I often stick a dodo up her ** and knell over her **, she knows to open her mouth when I ** and I fill her mouth with **. When she is about to ** I pull the d ildo out until she begs for me to put it back in

  • At least she doesn't try to keep reading or she will lose her place in the book while you nail her.

  • Each to their own

  • This may all seem like fun right now but believe me it won't be long before this all blows up in your face: your making her believe that cheating is okay with you. Stop it before it's too late.

  • Really. If she's cheating then she's done with you mate. Her calling out their names reinforces that.

  • ^^totally true!!^^

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