The waste of time called prayer

Have you ever prayed for something before and didn't get it? Well, the reason is no one was listening. There's the spoiler. Instead of groveling on your knees to the invisible man that lives in the sky do something positive to improve your situation.

If you need a job find one. Get a good resume. Make sure the work is within your capabilities and it's not some boring nerve-wracking task you will grow to hate.

God can't help you because he doesn't exist so quit wasting your time praying.

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  • Prayer is no substitute for action.

  • Amen !

  • ^lol^

  • Whether you believe in god or not is up to you but I really don't see why you feel the need to put others down . If prayer helps people get through their day, good for them. How does that negatively effect you?

  • I bet you're the kind of person who cries about how bullied Christians are when someone says "Happy Holidays." Christians need to put others down more than they need to breathe. Please, lie like a rug and tell us you had no idea that's true.

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