College student takes my temperature rectally

We live near a college with a nursing program. My older brother has moved away (I'm 17 and in highschool) so my parents rented out his room. They rented it to a 23 year old woman in school and working part time at a pediatric clinic.

A few weeks ago at dinner she was talking about school and how hard it was to find time to practice procedures. Things like CPR and shots they practice on dummies, but some things that can't really practice easily. I have a crush on her (she's a cutie) so I did the chivalrous thing and offered to help if I could. She said I was sweet and she'd let me know.

I caught a flu a few days later. I stayed home from school ans she got in before my parents got home from work. She said I looked warm and then said we could help each other. She'd take my temperature for practice and I'd know whether I needed to take something. I agreed and she left my room for a minute. She told me to lie on my stomach and pulled out a thermometer and a tube of lubricant. She gave me a smart smack on the bum, told me to lie down and slid on one glove. I laid down, she slid my PJs down and then slipped the thermometer in gently. We made smalltalk for 3 minutes while we waited. I made burbling noises and she laughed, but we passed the time. She removed the thermometer, handed me a tissue to wipe and said my fever was pretty low and I should just stay in bed. She left the room before I sat up, fortunately as I was pretty excited.

That happened for several days to make sure the flu was gone, and she's asked me if I wanted her to do that for fun. We've repeated this a few times a week now and if i don't hold still, she threatens to spank me.

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  • My girlfriend's sister is a nursing student. With the COVID scare, my girlfriend and I had stayed apart because she was concerned about spreading the virus. I told her we could just test and make sure we're safe.

    A few weeks ago she told me to come over and we'd at least check temps to make sure neither of us was infected. She had a non contact thermometer and measured her own forehead. When it was my turn, her sister came in with a rectal thermometer. She said that the forehead thermometers weren't very accurate so brought one from school. I tried to leave the room but my girlfriend grabbed my arms and dragged me over to the sofa where her sister was now waiting, seated. She patted her thigh and my girlfriend helped pull me down over her sister's knee. My pants and underwear followed in quick succession and then the thermometer went up my butt. The two of them giggled for a few minutes but then she pulled out the thermometer and said I was fine. When they let me up I couldn't pull up my pants fast enough.

  • With the threat of flu now, you should be able to get her to take your temp daily. I would.

  • I'd fidget on purpose if I were you.

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