My step sister is so dumb.

My step sister is not super hot, Short, chubby butt and legs, small b**** but has the girl next door look going on but intentionally nerds herself up with the glasses, doesn't dress revealing or anything but me and all my friends bang her, It started out when she was 14 and walked past me and a buddy gaming, He looked at her as she went past and I was like "Dude", He said "What?", not even a week later he was hitting on her and she went for it, He was 16 and bent her over in her room, Dumped a load on her back and then avoided her like the plague, She came to my room about a week later and asked for his number, I said no and she asked why, I said because he thought she was clingy.
The next day she asked again and I said no but she was standing there in shorts and a tank top and had pokies and a camel toe, She said "Please" and I said "I'll make you a deal", She said "Um...Ok" and I whipped out my d*** and said "Suck me off and I'll give it to you", She scrunched up her face and said "Ugh, Ok", I was a bit surprised but she crawled right up on the bed and gave me the worst b******* ever, Finally I just made her lay on her back and jerked it into her mouth, She gagged the whole time I was coming but swallowed like a good step sister.
A few days later my friend said she called and offered to bang him again so he told me he did, Now she has banged 8 of my friends and she is a total w****, Any one of my friends that is at my house she will just let them take her to her room and hammer her and sometimes even more than one, I nail her all the time, she comes downstairs when it's just me and lays with her feet on my lap and lets me finger her, Toaday she was laying face down so I pulled her shorts to the side and spread her cheeks, She shook her jiggly little bum and I did it again, She looked back at me and said "Teehee, stop it", I licked my finger and slid it in her shorts and right in her bum, She gasped and tensed up so I said "Just relax, it's gonna happen" and she said "I don't want it in the bum". Well, She got it in the bum and cried about it the whole time, After she said "You're a j***" and went upstairs with a bum full of sperm.
Tonight is the night we decided since the parents are away we are all gonna go to my house and try to gang bang her, She will do it, I know she will and she is gonna get so many loads plus I have a camera set up. So long innocence.

Aug 21, 2020

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