When I'm Bored

I'm a young woman and sometimes when I'm bored, I try my clothes on and do my make up and hair in a way to try to look completely different. According to "experiments" of sending these done up selfies to people online, I've pulled off looking like a teenage boy, a super young girl, and an older dude. So I guess my skills aren't that vast, but it's weird to explain those selfies when I'm showing my friends pictures from my phone and they see them and ask who it is.



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  • Did you get the attention you needed so badly, honey?

  • This deep, heartfelt confession must have cost you SO much. Thank you, THANK you for sharing your vulnerability. *sheds noble compassionate tears*

  • Can we cosplay with me guyshook1@gmail.com email me

  • Awesome chick u re for a player in some hot ass cos play .

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