My smoking girl

My daughter is 13. I let her smoke. I provide her with all the ciggies she wants. The only reason I don't feel too terrible about it is that I smoke and started at her age, and nothing bad has happened to me. She really likes to smoke. I mean really! How can I deny her? I love her too much.

Apr 12, 2018

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  • I think this one is fake. Has been around but a change.

  • Your a disgrace. I caught my thirteen year old daughter smokeing two weeks ago. She's grounded for two weeks with early bedtime at 7 for next two weeks and a bare bum spanking before bed every evening before bed...

  • You did the right thing. Smoking will ruin her developing lungs. The OP is a lame brain.

  • Im the mom who posted below. Some people don't deserve children..

  • Thank you and trust me. I'm a single mother and feel like I'm doing most things wrong and feel guilty. Wonder if even gave my daughter too much punishment. She actually won't be thirteen for till September. But she's being going down a bad road for while now. I have not spanked her in over a year. Too be honest i cried after spanking her. But feel that because I've told her what her punishments were. I feel I've got too carry through. Shes upset over loosening privileges, early bedtime and not getting too go to her friends party on friday. She's in bed now last half hour lying on her tummy. But her punishments will end on Friday. Was i too harsh on her. Hugs

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