MIL saw me naked

Without going into the finer details and to cut a long story short; one morning I found myself face to face with my mother in law without a stitch of clothing on me, or within grabbing distance!

How did I find myself to be in this awkward position? My in laws had been staying with us over half term. This particular morning I got up early as normal (my wife and I sleep in the spare room downstairs when we have guests) and had the downstairs to myself. I was getting washed up in the bathroom and sorting laundry, and decided to add the T shirt and shorts I had slept in to the load. I thought nothing of wandering back through the kitchen, front room and hall to get to the spare room. I hadn't heard anyone come downstairs or anybody in the kitchen but there she was, my mother in law, sitting in an arm chair, drinking a cup of tea and staring straight at me as I came out of the bathroom. What made it slightly worse was that I didn't have my glasses on so did not see her until I had crossed through the kitchen and into the front room; I had already pottered in the kitchen and made myself a drink.

Once I realised she was there it was too late. There was nowhere to go, no place to hide, so I made a quick apology and walked on through, secretly hoping the earth would swallow me up!

Talk about embarrassing and awkward. I told my wife when she got home from work - she thought it was hilarious!

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  • She would've loved it!

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