Our threesom

My fiancé and I had our first one a little over a year ago. We were at a local bar and she started talking to this 40ish guy. At first I was a little annoyed but I got over it after a couple more beers. Well the night went on nothing sexual had been brought up but closing time and she asked if he wanted to stop by and have a drink. We get back to our house get inside and I’m still thinking we’re just going to bs and have a couple more drinks. My fiancé and him go out to smoke she comes back in a few minutes before and asks me if she can f*** him. I’m like holly s*** really but at the same time it turned me on a little so I ended up going along telling her to get it started. He came back in and she just starts feeling him up nothing was said he looks over at me I just nod and smile. They go at it for a few minutes while I sit there and watch getting really turned on. Then the clothes really start coming off I watch while she blows him then I finally go over and join in. Time is going by we’re all having a great time he’s laying there with my fiancé riding his c*** I’m laying next to him enjoying the show. Next thing I know he’s reaching over playing with my c*** at first I’m a little freaked out but decided to let happen. Well my fiancé came and got off of him he’s in middle still playing with me he moves so he can start sucking my c***. I have never done anything with a guy before this but I reach out to feel his very hard d*** it’s amazing. We end up in a 69 sucking each other while my gf watching and talking very dirty she tells him to play with my ass! It turned out to be a very fun night now we can’t get enough we are very into the swinging lifestyle now.

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  • That is hot as h***. Thanks for sharing

  • I know this may come as shock to you but you were meant for C*ck and NOT p*ssy my friend. Welcome to real world. Find urself a bum chum real quick.

  • 69 with another guy is hot

  • Wife and I swing and do 3sums MMF, but to let your fiance f*** anther man is hot.

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