I’m so annoyed

I’m so f****** annoyed of my parents. They always force me to do s*** I DONT want to do bc I have some social anxiety but can’t tell them bc they won’t believe me. Every time they talk about s*** I feel like screaming. I f****** hate it and my sister left me so I’m alone in a house with 2 parents that don’t understand the word no.
Ok I’m done so yea bye.

Apr 22, 2018

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  • Get over it

  • Teenage girls just can't handle their monthly cycles can they.just another excuse to go into high drama gear.yawn.

  • Were the h*** are you. I love you daddy

  • They took away the post no warning. I love you son. Time to go cuddle and sleep.night night.

  • Do i realy have to go sleep daddy.

  • Unless you are going to play with your willy but I am going to sleep. I love you son

  • I feel like doing a runner and a****** mom is reck my head and wacked my hands with spoon. Then took my shorts and boxers off daddy and wacked my legs and bum. Will you mind me if i do a runner. I love you daddy.

  • Do not run you get in more trouble stay with me.I love you son

  • Why should i not and you wont do f*** all about it. They have know rite too spank me. I love you daddy.

  • You are cursing again what did I tell you get your willy out and make it hard for your slapping now I love you son

  • No daddy

  • Get it hard anyway it should get hard more often you are getting older.I love you son Soon you should have seepage at your p*** slit that is slippery not like pee.

  • Im go do runner and i love you daddy. You should say they are not allowed to spank me.

  • Running away and into the police hands again real smart son. Need to go to a appointment in a few minutes .I love you son

  • Im in park now and my mom is ringing me and got my a****** dad too ring me from work. They can f*** off im not answering them. I have my torch and two toys and a teddy i have ages since i wasba kid. Plus i have money and my dad had drink and i have it. I know a good hide spot were me and my friends go and only we know were it is. I love you daddy.

  • Why are you doing this your sister is worried about you and you have the b**** to do this to her.You do not think of any body else just yourself. I love you son

  • Yous are a*******. I love you daddy.

  • Thanks for letting me know. I love you son

  • Ye i thought so.

  • I thought so too. I love you son.

  • Thought what and are you being cheecky with me.

  • Son maybe I should call you my daughter. I love you son

  • I opened dads drink calld wisky and my head spin im on my own. I feel im fo be sock. I lobe you daddy and in not a gurl.

  • You are going to pass out. I love you son

  • What you sau daddu im not girk

  • Get your butt home now son. I love you son

  • Whor im go do now daddu im sorru i go get in trovle now am i rimg my mom amd dad i lobe you daddu

  • Good for you son .I love you son.

  • I hate them a******* and you did not give a s*** also. My mom is lucky shes a girl or i would punch her in the face rite now. She had know f****** rite too bath and spank me and said my a****** dad is going too whoop my butt when he gets home from work. Then the total b**** said they are bought going too spank me before bed. I dont f****** think so and who the f*** do they think they are. Im not a little kid like and i feel like breaking all the windows and lighting a fire. They have got know rite to spank me. I love you daddy.

  • There goes your place where you and sister live.You want to have your sister have no place to stay and have wind blowing in her window you smashed out.You are just one smart kid oh I am a big man I can do all these damaging things. Your sister will be angry with you and maybe she will start doing things you do because she sees you doing this big brother what a example you are showing her.
    I am on my way to see my doctor, I love you son

  • Will you stop saying mean things to me rite now. They had no f****** rites too spank me thats what im saying. Your not listeing too me. I love you daddy.

  • The are parents and they can spank when kids disobey or do bad things just like I spank. I love you son

  • I hate you a*******.

  • I love you daddy..

  • You think they have rire to spank me..

  • Yes they do have the right and if they give permission to someone else then they can do it also. My suggestion do not do anything that will give them a reason to spank. Learn from what you did and you got spanked for it. So do not do that again then you will not get spanked got it. I love you son

  • My a****** mom and dad took my phone and i robbed it back. My p**** dad took my telly out off my room. Who the f*** do they thin they are and your wrong. They have know f****** rite toi spank me. What do you mean they can get somebody elde too do it. Your annoy me now. What if i punched you in the head. What could you do about it. I f****** hate them and im not going with them a******* later. I love you daddy.

  • If you could even punch me which you could not because I am trained in a way you would be out cold in less than ten seconds.I will keep spanking you until you become a better person and not do these stupid things that get you in trouble. When will you learn I hope it is today for your butt sake.I love you son

  • You cant f****** speak too me like that got it. I love you daddy.

  • Son and you can not speak to me like that either remember what cursing to me results in does your bum need a reminder or your willy. I love you son

  • Ye i f****** thought so. You love you daddy and if my dad a****** tells me too go with them. Im going too punch him in the f****** face.

  • I dont want you too f****** spank me can you not get that. I love you daddy.

  • That is it get nude and over my lap right now or do you want me to have your sister watch also? I love you son.

  • Im not f****** doing it. I love you dadddy.

  • You are doing it right now young man over my lap NOW, I love you son.

  • But please i realy dont want too. You got too listen too me for f*** sake. I love you daddy.

  • NOW son no excuses.I love you son
    You keep up with that cursing I will whack your willy also.

  • Im not doing it daddy i said f****** please. Your not even listeing too me for f*** sake. I love you daddy.

  • You are cursing so much now to me I will not tolerate it no more get NAKED now and I will spank 12 times.I love you son

  • Right NOW

  • Please no i said please and your not even f****** listen too me. I love you daddy please.

  • There you go again f ing me again,Get NAKED now I love you son

  • Please please please i dont want too im begging you im not doing it please daddy i said please i f****** love you daddy.

  • You keep using bad language .This is NOW going to spank you twelve times. I love you son

  • I f****** hate yous all. Yous are all a******* and leave me the f*** alone. I love you daddy.

  • I will not leave you alone. Spank time now. I love you son.

  • Its not rite i did nothing wrong.

  • You were using bad language with me and I will not tolerate that. I love you son

  • Why cant i curse. I should be able too do what a damm well please. I love you daddy.

  • No it shows that you do not have proper language and that people who talk like that are not very smart in the brain. I love you son.

  • Ye i thought so. So you should not damm well start on me. I love you daddy.

  • Well if you know better then how come you use foul language it stinks.I love you son

  • Enough stalling need to slap your willy twenty times now. I love you son

  • I will then i said take a f*** chill pill. I just said i dont deserve it.

  • Here you go again you and your STUPID words get nude and go see your mother now and grab your sister also. I love you son

  • You are getting cheeky with me and you better stop if you know whats good for you. I love you daddy.

  • Are you for b***** real. I love you daddy.

  • Just do it now no more stalling.I love you son.

  • Your f****** kidding and my dad an all is here. I love you daddy and were going too visit somebody soon.

  • Just do it now. I love you son

  • Please daddy dont make me please and what will i say. I love you daddy please dont make me do it.

  • Tell them you like being naked at home. I love you son

  • No way i cant do it. Were going and my ashole dad told me too get ready. I love you daddy.

  • Well then get ready will do this later. I love you son.

  • Im at mom and dads a****** friends house and were staying here. Im in room on my own. Their all f****** a*******. Their lucky i dont light something or punch them rite innthe f****** face. I love you daddy.

  • Since you are going to be like that get nude go down and punch everyone there and do it right now I wonder how long you will survive. I love you son

  • Why are you f****** being mean too me. I love you so much daddy.

  • You said you wanted to punch everyone. Now I am going to slap your willy twenty times. I love you son.

  • You cant daddy please i dont want too. I love you daddy.

  • Then I will spank your willy twenty times. I love you son.

  • And you wont dare. I love you daddy.

  • Right now slap twenty times your willy should get hard by the fifth slap. I love you son.

  • I said sorry and why are you wanting too spank me for no reason. I love you daddy.

  • You hate me and want to punch me
    I love you so much son

  • I dont hate you and im sorry then. I love you daddy.

  • Look you are getting slapped you are not getting away with it. Ready now. I love you son.

  • With that done now we pour some lotion over willy and b**** and rub it in until your legs shake. I love you son.

  • You done it too me and im sorry now. I love you daddy.

  • Let us rub your willy and soothe it and maybe some slippery stuff will be at your p*** slit. I love you son.

  • Did you hare me daddy and i said i dont want you too soank me again. Will you rubb my willy. I love you daddy.

  • I want you to feel like you are going to pee and your legs will shake and we will still keep rubbing until you come. I love you son.

  • Their all a******* and i dont want too go with them too their church and do f****** sunday school. Im f****** 10 years old and not a kid. They are lucky i dont punch them. My little kid sister and cousins get too have fun. I cant even do a runner. My a****** dad and uncle are out front and my a****** mom and aunt are in kitchen. Maybe later i will try do a runner. I love you daddy.

  • Run and f en and f en and f en f en that is all you do you f en all day long. Really? It is disgusting.
    I love you son.

  • Why the h*** are you allways being mean too me. I hate church and sunday school and the other boys started it and they dont beleave me. Just because i was able too take on two off them. Their sunday school teacher was an ass also and she is lucky she is a girl. Because she hit my butt like 5 times and got my a****** dad and he took me out into a room and f****** used his belt and hand for no reason. I love you daddy and stop being mean too me for no reason.

  • You are supposed to turn the other cheek.Those boys know if they can get you to react you get spanked and not them.Ignore them next Sunday do not fall in their trap you said you are a man then prove it.
    I love you son

  • They started it i told you and there was two off them. Why are you sticking up for them a*******. Their all a******* in church and sunday schoo. I told you that and my f****** dad or anybody has rite too spank me. Im glad i did it and one off them i broke his tooth and other a******* nose was bleeding. Im not f****** bold either. I love you daddy.

  • You fell into the boys plan. Do you understand?

  • Yes you are .You are suppose to be a man and they do not act like you do. Get off your high horse and prove you are a man. Do not fall in their trap you said it yourself they started it. Be wiser and walk away .
    I love you son.

  • I thought so and your like the rest off them a******* and f*** you. Beleave them instead off me. I hate yous all anyway and i dont give a s***. I love you daddy.

  • You fell into the boys plan.

  • Your not listen too me again. Nobody has rite too spank me you no. Why should i get spanked for nothing. I love you daddy.

  • Don't do things that will result in spanking. Simple as that. I love you son

  • Im angry with you and stop saying i dont deserve too be f****** spanked. I love you daddy.

  • You stop saying that too me rite now. Nobody has one rite even too spank me you got it. I love you daddy.

  • Ye go ahead and stick up for them a******* then and i dont f****** care got it. I love you daddy.

  • Do you understand this those boys wanted you to get spanked that is why they did what they could for you to act the way you do is to go back at the person or persons that anger you. So those boys won they got what they wanted. You on the other hand got what you did not want a spanking.
    When is that brain of yours going to understand that you need to control your temper.

  • I hate you and them a****** and go too h***. You dont give a s*** and now i dont either again. My a****** dad woke me up even though i have no school over my teacher for two weeks. I hate all off yous and you dont like me a******. Im brave anyway and dont need anybody. I loved you daddy and now you just f****** left me. Your a total ass.

  • Thank you for your honesty the honest you .You only care for yourself you are so self centered.

  • Your wreck my head and your the f****** lier got it. I love you daddy.

  • Your the f****** one who hate me. I love you daddy.

  • You are the one that hurts me you just do not get it you do stupid things that get you spanked and say they have no right, Well wake up they have the right to spank you like I am going to spank you now you stubborn thick headed son. I love you dearly and it is about time you grew up and be a MAN.Quit doing stupid things that get you spanked just stop it now.

  • Please im 10 and i love you daddy.

  • Just because you are ten does not mean you need to do bad things.My grandson who is 5 years old knows better he has not been spanked in months he knows how to behave and he is so helpful to us.
    I love you son

  • F*** you too then and i knew i should never have trusted anybody.

  • So you are going to have sexual intercourse with me?

  • What are you saying too me and your picking on me for nothing. I love you daddy.

  • You said f. You. The word f*** means having sexual intercourse . Do you understand?

  • I did not know and stop picking on me please. I feel like punching my dad a****** dad when he gets hom from work. I love you daddy.

  • Thanks alot for ignoring me. I love you daddy.

  • Your just been mean too me for know reason though. Im just too old for being spanked. I did not start the fight eirher. I love you daddy.

  • Please you cant spank me im sorry then there please. I just dont want too be spanked. I love you daddy.

  • Your f****** being mean too me got it. I love you daddy.

  • Yes i am what and what do you mean. I hope your not saying i deserve too be spanked and i said nobody has f****** rite to spank me you got that. I dont like church i said and f*** them. I wish sunday school teacher was a boy and i god damm would off punched her in her face if she was a boy. I love you daddy.

  • I will dafdy.

  • I hope you dont spank me ever again. You do it for me now please daddy and play with my willy. I love you daddy

  • I hate you and them a*******.

  • Bunch off a*******.

  • Stop saying that too me or you will regret it. Im f****** telling you now got it. Im allowed too be annoyed if i damm well want. Everybody gets too stay up except me and how the f*** is that fair. I love you daddy.

  • Get nude and go see them and start punching come on get with it now.
    I love you son.

  • Ye whatever and you dont give a s***. I love you daddy.

  • F****** a*******.

  • F*** off all off yous are a*******. I love you daddy.

  • Dont say that too me or i might punch you in your face got it. Im 10 and should not be damm well spanked. I love you daddy.

  • I will then ok but i dont deserve it rite. I love you daddy.

  • Im go gey in lotd trovle now daddu ok my daddy is get me will yiy mind me whem in go home daddy i lovr you daddu

  • Im hone now and in bef my dad hit my bun an say in big btrivle tonorow i love yoi daddu

  • Whay i go do im sorry i lobe yoi daddu

  • What h*** are you saying that too me for.

  • Im not going too police and why did you say that. I love you daddy.

  • I forgot were you were and please get back too me. My a****** dad woke me up ages ago and gave out too me and i said go f*** yoursel and he spanked me and asked were my boxers were. I said they hurt my butt and a****** dad said good. He said im going too f****** studie and he was freaked. A****** said hes going too ring my princable and said i better be good for my mom. I love you daddy.

  • Im going too sleep. Night daddy i love you.

  • Do i have too go assleep. I love you daddy.

  • Hello hun xxx

  • You there hun...

  • I'm a terrible parent.
    I make my kids do things like:
    Washing the clothes.
    Loading and unloading the dishwasher.
    Making their beds.
    Cleaning the pool.
    Washing the cars
    Going to school.

  • I would much rather have my parents make me do that stuff but instead they put so much pressure on me to be the best never make a mistake never get below an A make sure everyone is happy even though I never am and when I tried to tell them I have anxiety and some depression they blamed it on me or said every one has it it’s not a big deal.... they force me to be “social” in many situations I end up getting left out or mocked. I have friends but they say “stop being like that” when I tell them I would rather be with them then with a high school bible study when it feels like god hasn’t done squat. So yea that’s why I posted that comment not bc my parents make me do work

  • You there baby girl. How old are you and if you were one off my daughters. I'd pull them panties down and smack the a*** off you. Your little bum would be red raw sweetie. Obey your parents and Im here if you want too talk. But stop with this little attitude baby girl. Hugs mom off three girls xxxx

  • A good mother gives children chores and if they refuse. Then I'd light up their little bottoms...

  • You a mom or dad. I'm a mother too three girls and if they showed this attitude. I'd have their panties off in flash and smack their bare bottoms and red raw...

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