Am I the only one turned on by Nazis?

I confess. I think Nazis are awesome. To the point of obsession. I can’t stop thinking about Nazis, reading about them, watching shows about them, listening to f****** music about them. It’s ridiculously obsessive. I can’t help it! I don’t know why I have to be this way! I just AM. I read half of Mein Kampf, for chrissake. Speaking of Hitler, I think he’s sexy. Sick, right? But I can’t stop how I feel. God, I would give anything to have been a N*** during World War II. I want to hate myself for this obsession but I can’t! I do hate that when I show an interest in WWII, people always go “You don’t actually LIKE that stuff, DO YOU?!” I say no, but the history is interesting. Which is true, but… I want to stand up and say “YES!! I CONFESS!! I LIKE NAZIS! I LIKE HITLER!! I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK!!!!” I hate thinking about it all the time, though! Hitler this, Mengele that, Auschwitz this, Aryan that. I have dreams about all this s*** and I wake up wishing it were 1939. WHY do I have to be this way? I can’t even talk to anyone about this or they’ll call me racist, bigot, crazy. I don’t have any opinions on Jews, hahaha. I just f****** love Nazis.

I had an online girlfriend a couple years ago. We met in a chatroom and started talking because I was having some conversation with someone about Nazis (naturally they were completely opposed). Funny thing was, we became friends because we both liked Nazis. We went pretty far with that; I called her Eva and she called me Adolf. It sounds ridiculous, but it was one of the best times of my life. I could actually talk to someone else who felt like I did. But then, I fell into a depression and stopped talking to all my online friends, including her. This was a mistake and I regret it every day. By the time I went back on my Instant Messenger I was terrified she’d hate me for not talking for a long time. I never talked to her again. I f****** dropped off the face of the earth without a word to her. I confess that this has driven me crazy and I hate myself for it. I’m sorry, my Eva. I really did fall in love with you but I never told you, and I’m f****** stupid because of it.

Jul 31, 2010

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  • The allies f***** Germany in the ass unjustifiably after World War 1. After years of suffering, they got on their feet, and sought revenge for their suffering. When Hitler screamed in his speaches about how powerful Germany would become, the German people cried for war.

  • What you want to be Hitler and j******* watching the people being cremated alive

  • Hey I'm a 23 yrs old girl and I have an History degree and I love N*** history too...not the Holocaust obviouslly that was horrible in more ways than one. But I like the uniforms, the public gatherings and I would totally bang Dr. Mengele. So s**** hypocrite people they all have different desires and interests they just don't admit it. It's so cute you called your girlfriend Eva! xoxo

    ps: my colleagues gave me the sh** about my N*** Germany obssession but I didn't gave a damn! And I had an 19 on a 1-20 scale in my exam on fascism. Revenge of the historical nerd!

  • Sieg Heil!

  • Genau🤣

  • Bruh

  • i wpuld starve you, work the holy s*** out of you, put you in a disease infested room with lice, ticks, and no toilet, and when you think you had enough of being tortured, i would kick the s*** out of you some more, and work you in you underwear when its freezing outside, that a vague description of what Nazis did to innocent people, youre a fucktard,

  • Oh my god! Someone who understands me!
    Don't get me wrong. I am not racist at all, and in fact, Judaism interests me. But the N*** uniform was the f****** most sexy thing ever! The Nazis were evil, yes, but they were so smart and NOBODY can surpass them in propaganda abilities. I am obsessed with the Nazis, too. I think about them all the time and everything I do basically revolves around them. Every book I've read recently has been about them. I'm writing a book about them. I always search them on the Internet to find more info about them. I know much more than anyone I know. I think that Nazis look amazing and the Horst Wessel Lied was a well-written song. They made so many contributions to society. I wish every day that someone would invent time travel so I could go back in time to see N*** Germany. I'm convinced that I was a girl in the BDM. I bet I would be happier there. It gives me confidence because I feel smart. So, if you ever want anyone to talk to about the Nazis, I am right here.
    Thanks man, you made my day. Because of you, I don't feel bad about my N*** obsession anymore.

  • I think it's ok that you like Nazis and stuff about WWII. Everyone has different interests.

  • your a f****** idiot. Of course you have an online girlfriend know one else cloud stand dumb ass in person. Oh and by the way your little online girl is probable a 48 year old balding man with a beer gut and a beard down to his nipples. f**!

  • It is easy for me to see why you would be motivated by Nazis. Are you German? I am and I find it extremely facisnating. I have not the Mein Kampf and have no plans to. But it is really fascinating to watch the TV shows on the history channel or to read about that time and the mazing things that the Germans were able to do. I don't know about a master race but they are very smart and very athletic. German engineering can't be beat. The most incredible cars in the world are made by Mercedes. The German scientist made so many advances you can't even count them. But Hitler? Really? The guy definitely had charisma but he was really unstable. I think many Germans are better than him. The only problem I have with N*** Germany is the way they killed the Jews. I think they saw the Jews as a threat. Because the Jewish people are advanced in some ways just like the Germans. Any way take care and Zieg Heil

  • Perhaps you should look into why you are obsessed with the Nazis and try to figure out the motivation behind it? Perhaps it is a power/control issue, both of which are fairly common and can be dealt with in a myriad of ways. A lot of people have an interest in history and WWII, that's not so strange. You should try and contact your girlfriend again - it's always worth a try.

  • oooh, harsh man, harsh

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