I want my brother

A little about me Im 15 blond c cup t*** and a nice ass

So my 18 year old brother Jake is about to go to college and has started to workout. He looks so good and I watch him in our pool and get out of the shower his abs are so nice and he has a serious bulge. I want him so bad! He goes to the gym steadily and I asked him to take me and he said ok. So I wore my tightest leggings and smallest sports bra to get him excited. It worked the whole time he was showing me how to squat he was so hard and it is so big. Then when he spotted me I could feel it on my butt. Now we go to the gym together and I catch him staring all the time. When we go home he spanks and says good job today me and I get so h**** I want him to f*** me so hard. But he never makes a move on me. I hear him in his room j********** and I get so wet last night when I heard it I heard him moan my name and I came right then. When he left I snuck in his room and on to his phone to find this web site. So Im on here now hoping you read this and decide to make the first move because I want your c*** so bad.



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  • Just in case anyone gets carried away, remember OP is actually a 47-year-old virgin male.

    Okay, carry on with your fantasies.

  • I am gonna f*** the s*** out of you next chance I get sis.

  • Really?

  • Yes

  • If he won't f*** you, I will

  • Come on Jake bring out that snake and f*** that piece of cake

  • Go on Jake, f*** your sister

  • I fingered my sister at the dinner table once

  • This is actually disgusting

  • Tell him that he makes your panties wet.If the facility has family locker rooms with showers use them.

  • I want my sister and we go to the gym all the time together if its you wear those sexy blue shorts from pink and that green and black bra then say the weather is crazy and I will know its you and f*** you so hard sarah

  • Jake I swear to god if this is you I might cry with happiness I want you so bad so I will wear the outfit I hope its you so much I want you so bad

  • Keep us all informed, if this is her?

  • You should just act sluttier around him and occasionally walk around the house naked and when he see's you act like you thought no one was home

  • On the drive home tell him he has nice c***.. ask him if he wants to f***

  • Next time after the gym when he slaps your ass just reach back and stroke his coc k and ask him if he wants to shower with you

  • Omfg yes I have seen him in the shower I fantasize so much about him f****** me in it but I want him to make the first move

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