My sexual desires are fantasies with somebody else

I'm married with my husband for 1 year we dated since highschool freshman year typical popular cheer captain and popular best football player. He's a church boy we've known eachother since middle school. I fell in love or I think. When we have s** he's gentle and passionate but if close my eyes and incision a girl eating me and pleasuring me. recently I signed up for the gym he's a engineer and earns good enough money for me to stay at home and be treated like a princess he's a sweet heart. When I go to the gym I find myself staring at young woman like myself in their early 20's one in particular curvy big ass perfect b**** she notices I look at her and we "secretly go " at the same time daily. My husband and I have s** daily but it's not what I desire deep down I know I prefer a woman eating me or making love to me or a good f*** with role play and fantasies fulfilled. Recently my husband asked when I thought about getting pregnant silence broke. I don't feel the same for him I go to the gym daily and spend hours I shop for mostly gym clothes like yoga pants or short shorts and tank tops to look good for my gym crush. I'm a 22 year old woman curvy Latina, average b******, big Latina booty, long black hair, big thighs;, standing at 5'2 big lips and nice smile. My husband is too kind for me to confess I'm a closeted lesbian and always have been not to long agoy gym crush and I spoke we plan on meeting up and going out my husband is always at work. He spoils me by buying me nice cars, bags,shoes, but the s** is isn't great. I ride him slowly and bight my lis thinking it's a woman he grabsy b****** and kisses my neck and passionately makes love to me on the bed nothing else. I've tried to get him to have s** with me in the car,pool,kitchen,elevator, etc. my fantasies will never be fulfilled from his beliefs of proper s**! And never will be fulfilled because I'm sexually attracted to woman. My g crush is Latina also curly wavy hair amazing body curvy hazel eyes just by watching her workout I get wet and fantasize about letting her f*** me and devour my body in the ladies locker room. When I get home it's back to reality . I don't know how much longer I can keep this inside knowing his family will hate me their all church people and won't approve of my homosexuality. When I ride him I incision my attractive gym crush wearing a strap and me straddling her. Soon enough I'll have to confess and runaway with my reality even if that means loosing loosing my luxurious lifestyle of 4 star hotels, yearly vacations , fancy cars,clothes, etc. I want p**** not d***. I type this as my husband arrives home from work tired and exhausted asking how my day went like always such a nice guy making sure I'm taken care off he walks to the shower faucet and takes it all off as I sit in bed with my knees high in my black see through gown. My husband abs and muscles body get in the shower here goes another night of faked pleasurable s** where I agin and envision a sexy woman making love to me, thinking about it my p**** throbs and feels wet. My husband is done showering in no time with a towel wrapped around his waste seeing his wedding run on gives me guilt but seeing my gym crush daily and for the first date tomorrow I sense guilty naughty steamy pleasure and fantasies ....


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  • Tell him you are bi and want to do some swinging with women. Most guys will not be p***** about that. In swinging couples and groups, many times the woman is attracted to women - that's why they are swingers.

  • Please let us know how the gym date went. Also,please leave this guy,don't let him knock you up,you will be miserable and may ruin your fine body,develop a huge tummy and have sagging b****** and have less time for gym.At 20,u need to be working and making your own money and being productive. Let this guy go so that he can find his match,someone who really loves him,is unselfish,wants a family like he does and is deserving of his money,love and life. You are simply wasting his time and money.You have lead him on and lied to him for years; the sooner you leave him,the sooner you will be happier and the sooner he can be hurt and heal and go on with his life and have kids he deserves and desires.

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