I want to kick my ex

I want to kick my ex husbands face in and stomp on his b****

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  • I wish I was your ex. I would let you do that to me. leave you contact info

  • My wife likes to have me stand with my hands on my head and she kicks me in the b****. I double over in pain.

    She and I actually get aroused by the thought and discussing about what torture she's going to do to me. This leads to s** where she o******. Usually by me stimulating her orally and with my finger. I don't want to c** because if I am still turned on I can survive the kick in a better headspace.

  • That's what every wife thinks....šŸ˜•

  • I've done that to my boyfriend a few times. It's a lot of fun.

  • My girlfriend makes me stand naked, hands tied to my pull up bar and kicks my b****. She laughs so hard. Invites her friends on occasion, even an ex girlfriend once to watch. I get so turned on!

  • You, my friend, are a lucky man! Wow! Don't ever let that goddess go: do whatever you must do in order to keep her, and to keep her happy! Wow!

  • I agree. Damn! Wish I was you dude.

  • Best one yet yesterday, tied naked to the pull up bar but with a d**** pushed up my ass snd another in my mouth. Then she kicked me so hard my butt clenched right on the d****.

  • O M M F G ! ! ! ! ! The way you wrote it, I could actually feel it happening inside of ME! First, with her pushing that fake d*** up in you and then putting another one in your throat!!! I don't know whether you or your lady came up with that scenario, but it was a beautiful, beautiful thing! Jesus! That is the sexiest thing I ever f****** heard! Does she try to hurt you intentionally when she is kicking you or beating you, or does she pull her punches (so to speak)?? I hope you get to experience this new torture in front of her girlfriends again! I wish I knew a woman like yours!!! F***!!!

  • Why...? What's wrong...

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