I need my nuts stomped on

I want a girl/woman to stomp on my nuts. I know its strange but I have a fetish for this

Aug 2, 2019

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  • I wouldn't want mine "stomped", but I would LOVE her to force a shoed food between my naked legs, kind of softly kick them apart-- getting a little harder if I struggle. Then when she has me exposed, she kind of taps and nudges and joggles them around with her sneaker. If I try to move away, she just laughs and follows me, keeping her sneaker pressed firmly where she wants it.

  • I think I know a way. According to everything I've ever read and witnessed though, it's the only one. Luckily, there's only one single, exceedingly simple step: GO F*** YOURSELF!!


  • I enjoy that too

  • I'm a submissive husband. My wife kicks me in the nuts. I double over in pain. It really shows my submission and reinforces her dominance

  • This is just plain wrong and sick. You aren't a slave nor is she. In a relationship dominance should go both ways, sometimes she dominates you and sometimes you should dominate her. Overwhelming majority of women love dominant and assertive men in bed who know how to properly please her. Learn about edging, delaying her o*****, dirty talk, g-spot, proper licking and kissing and seducing. There is a lot of mental game with women involved if you want to lead. When you'll learn to lead, she'll be all yours and yours only. Now she propably has some superior male besides you. This is shameful so get your s*** together.

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