You're trying to take my Randy away

That's what my now ex-wife told me when she announced she was going to name our son Randy. Randy was the name of some male friend of hers that she was infatuated with and she didn't tell me. She said if I tried to stop her she would divorce me but I beat her to the punch and divorced her first.

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  • She is a whack job so I don't blame you. Are you going to have to pay support for baby Randy for years to come?

  • The baby was stillborn. I divorced her after she healed up.

  • Great...what about randy ?....stomp his candy

  • I hope meghan markle and dumbum royals have to go eat dirt after all this buzzing year of shoving it down our neck with their kids a**** up in the air and c**** weddings that make you want to puke over them. I hate that old mean queen she doesn't care about people and what a towfaced lot, she is putting us all in h*** and she should be put in the h*** we have lived due to her and go and punch them all on their weddings and parades. i wish someone would puke over them. I hope someone p****** on every one of your parades. she knows she is on the way out. how many weddings can a niggar want in a decade meghan? I mean really, 1 annullment, several lovers like a w**** since school and a new husband every 3 years! and she is so innocent and unspoiled, right, sure. harrys daddy c** time with his w**** poster nude bride. yeh. koostarkass can now marry andrew and they can all do p*** then. i wish they knew limpy and lonely like the rest of us, and poverty and illness. it wouldn't hurt them to go ignored.

  • Your ex-wife never stopped f****** the other guy. She was a w****. I'm glad you divorced her. Good riddance.

  • I'm getting together with this lady. I first met her at a conference when my marriage was on the rocks and I was depressed about it. I told her that if ever I were to partner with another woman they needed to be obedient and submissive. Never too argue. To do what they were told.

    Anyway she came back and we chatted more. It's going to be quite different and if she's rebellious she gets the strap and if she won't consent then good Bye

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