I hate mexicans

I hate Hispanics , they are the most horrible people I have had the displeasure of encountering. Today the school called me and told me my son had gotten in a fight and that I need to come. Turns out he was being bullied by some dirty unwashed boy with overgrown hair and cloths that looked like he had plucked them from a disposal bin. My son in contrast was well dressed with a light blue Polo Brooks Brothers shirt and Pants. I was told that he was being harassed for not helping the dirty the other boy cheat on his test which he unsurprisingly failed and called my son a "Gringo son of a b****". So when the boys mother arrives she begins telling me that its my sons fault for not helping her daft son cheat on his test after I tell her that my son just wanted to not be bothered by her sons uncouth behavior she starts screaming madly and begins acting akin to an ape. While she was screaming her son began screaming too saying things in Spanish which only god knows what they mean. Finally after the schools security calmed her down I left with my son went to the police to file a restraining order on her and her son so they don't bother my poor boy with their disgusting conduct

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  • Yeah i can understand you when i was in america (currently in Austria luckily we deported all of the illigals) i was in majority mexican school and all of them didnt do their homework and were acting like its their home. I told my parents and we wen't back home hopefully they deport them before the rest of america looks like mexico

  • If these stuck up mexican chicks keep rejecting us... we are going to build that f****** wall nice and tall....

  • Http://www.heavy-r.com/video/105289/Mexican_hot_dog/

  • 😠😡🤬👊🔪💀

  • Mexican chicks are hot.

  • Effin' A!!!

  • Have you ever had s** with an hispanic person?

  • This post isn't stupid the comments are.And not all Hispanic people are like that people of any race can act like that.

  • Lady, you are sure full of yourself with your honky, white ass privilege. Me a I'm Gringo. Get over yourself.

  • White trash trump supporters! I love Mexicans. Way better than this trash pink toe b that wrote this trash. Mexicans and people of color, you are welcome here!

  • Cockroaches

  • Guerros these days am i right, your culture is full of school shooters and liberal f****. We made birth control you idiots, Have a good day lmao.

  • P*****.

  • Really there f***** people too you pruck

  • Trust me......Trump will put an end to this s***. The kid and his mother will be placed on the other side of the fence and they will both be shot if they try to come back over. POS MFers like this are about to get fixed. Trust me. Trump will shut these a-holes down like NOW. I can't f****** WAIT.

  • Lol he hasn't yet

  • Your dumber than your post

  • Get laid fool.

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