I fantasize about being kicked and stomped by women

I have some brutal fantasies. I fantasize about women kicking , stomping, and trampling me. The thought of being kicked in the b**** or in the face turns me on.
My ultimate fantasy is to have the crap kicked, stomped and trampled by a ballerina, and to have her do it so bad that I cant even move, then she s**** in my face and walks away.
I wish I could find a woman that would do it.

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  • I have the answer for you. Just go to a feminist convention wearing a T-shirt with the slogan - "Make me a Sandwich - b****" and all your desires will be fulfilled.

  • I am a 19 year old guy and last month i went to a wedding with my girlfriend.The flowergirl in the wedding was 14 and dressed like a little girl,in a sleeveless white,poofy,midthigh length dress with a veil and had lace ankle socks and white shoes.I got very aroused seeing her walking down the aisle and stared at her the whole time during the ceremony!I later found out thru my girlfriend that she had a pampers diaper and baby plastic pants on under her dress and during the reception and dance,i had evil thoughts of taking her off to a secluded area and forcing her to strip to her diaper and babypants and making her do s** acts on me! I dont know why i had these thoughts and havent told my girlfriend about them.

  • So tiresome. Your rubbish about poofy dresses and diapers and churches is all over the internet. Sure its a fantasy but its your fantasy. just give the rest of the internet a break.

  • It's weird. Has to be someone you are turned on by. For me anyway. Before my wife took on the Dom role I contemplated going to a pro dominatrix but the thought was cold. At that time my wife just thought I was sick. Now she beats me and kicks me and whips me. Takes weeks for the bruises to heal. I do anything for her and that part she really loves.

  • There is a post of a women just below ur post who want to kick some ass....u should read it and contact her...I hope u get what u want

  • When I was in elementary school there was this girl who wore knee high boots. Her school uniform dress was very short. The things that these days old men fantasise over but as a kid the girls uniforms were all short in those days. Us boys were in fear of this girl who would kick us in the b****.

    The next instalment in my life leading to kink was in high school when our class was reading some book long since forgotten and there was a discussion where a man was whipped and the discussion was along the lines that maybe he was a m********. At 15 I had no idea about that word or the feelings that associate with it.

  • Got married and about 10 years into the marriage and it's on the rocks. She's unhappy and I am lonely. I fantasise about masochistic things. Powerful women and so on. I talk to her about what I do that annoys her. After experimenting with various spanking things she became more confident and enjoyed dominant and sadistic activities. I became more submissive. Note submissive does not mean incompetent. I do all the macho male things like home maintenance and stuff. It's not a feminising fantasy thing. We both do things like cooking and cleaning. The difference is that she is in charge. She makes plans and decides what we are doing and I just go along with it. In the kinky bdsm s** side, she will tease and torture me. Sometimes just for her fun she will have me stand with my hands on my head and she will kick me in the b****. I double over in pain. Usually this begins by her telling me that she is going to do this or something else that will be for me really painful. That turns her on and to be honest excited me and I get hard. We will engage in some sexual activity. Again controlled by her. I might have to stimulate her to o***** with my tongue and finger. she may want my p**** in her and for me to c**. rarely in these sessions do I get to c** and actually I have asked her to not let me c** if she's going to hurt me after as it puts me in a bad headspace.

  • I have a "friend" I sometimes get into physical fights with, it's gets brutal, she kicked my b**** so hard once I passed out completely. She knows I struggle to hurt her, despite having punched her in the face in a few times, it ends up with her beating on me and me protecting myself rather than fighting back. I love it, she loves, usually ends in s**. Except once when I punched in the face and stomach, then a good kick in the c*** before I f***** her whilst punching her t***. She was heavily bruised but said she had the best o*****. Now she try's to provoke me into beating her like that again but I'm scared of hurting her more than I want to. I kinda love her.

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