My Autistic toddler

I have a three and a half year old son who was diagnosed with autism last year. My boyfriend who has been in his life ever since the day I found out I was pregnant recently started calling him retarded and yells it over and over from the top of his lungs. It makes me fuking mad and I cry Everytime. I yell at him and tell him he is wrong and he doesn’t care and doesn’t even bother to apologize. He only calls him that when my son cries before getting a haircut or before getting in the bath for a shower or bath. Other than that when my son is calm and playing on his tablet or watching tv he tells him he loves him and gives him kisses. My son calls him daddy and I hate myself because I’m not sure what to do about this situation

May 17, 2018

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  • Your bf is immature and in insensitive. That's abuse and he should be no where near your children. Raising kids without disabilities is challenging. Seriously, what redeeming qualities does this j*** have that keeps you with him? What other f***** up things does he do that you are turning a blind eye to? Why is he doing this all of a sudden? Is he trying to pick a fight? You crying is obviously not deterring him. You can do much better. That guy is a not excuse your bf behavior protect your kid and kick your poor excuse for a bf to the curb.

  • He doesn't have to like your kid! I am sure it is very frustrating to be in a situation like he is in. He is frustrated and irritated with your kid and yet doesn't want to lose you, which makes him even more stressed. I think I am more on his side than yours! Not everybody likes autistic kids who act like that! I know I don't !

  • Thanks for being honest,
    I’m working on his behavior
    He’s just scared of the clippers sometimes because he has gotten knicked.
    He loves him very much
    I think he has anger problems and can’t control what he says sometimes
    But ultimately it’s my choice to decide wether I put up with it or talk to him about it
    Thanks for your input

  • Yes, it is your choice, of course. Just remember that it is also your boyfriend's right to dislike your child and his behavior.

  • I understand that, thanks

  • Fine dump him and see how many other guys line up to raise ur retarded kid and enjoy explaining why daddy is gone im sure he will process it the same way he does a haircut ...its not good wat hes said but its also rare u find someone willing to be with u through a pregnancy he wasnt responiable for and then to raise it to the point hes known as daddy. he must not be all bad.

  • Wow, your so mean!!
    Not mad at you. I didn’t expect all comments to be helpful.
    But you basically did the same s*** he did and called my child retarded. SMH
    I DONT expect anybody to take care of my child..... it was his choice to play that role. He can leave I wouldn’t chase after him.
    I appreciate him for all he’s done I thank him as well. But calling kids with disabilities names is not right!! And he didn’t even apologize. I understand people are not perfect and make mistakes and say awful things. But I will not put up with it if he continues to do it I will leave. My son comes first!

  • I'm not saying his name-calling is okay, but he's seeing more clearly than you are. Life is comparatively calm right now because your son is still in the "small and cute" stage. You're in for some fun times once he hits puberty. Your bf might not be around by then, but if he is he will be much more prepared for the destruction and violent tantrums.

    You've got a lot of legwork to do if you don't want to get thrown across the room for not serving exactly sixteen chicken nuggets on a blue Transformers plate on Wednesdays.

  • Thanks for the comment. My son is now 5 about to turn 6 in November. Things really took a turn for the better. My bf has really changed and did a 360. He has learned to be patient, understanding and super affectionate with my son. It took time but it was worth waiting because he does such a good job brushing his teeth and taking him to the potty every morning consistently. No more name calling and he has really stepped up. I knew this day would come I just didn’t know when. I didn’t expect for him to just change immediately, it’s not easy and my son does cry and scream a lot. But I will never give up on my son and he will always have me right by his side to protect and love him unconditionally. All children deserve the same. Shout out to all the mothers who have littles with asd, I see you. 👋

  • He will not prove a responsible dad...

  • His words are hurtful and I don’t see him changing he will do it again

  • Took some years but he never did it again since, my son is now turning 6.

  • I think the boyfriend is having difficulties. Sounds autistic. Might have to have him diagnosed

  • I tell him he has issues too but he will never fix them. The blame is my son. Crying can be annoying but it’s no reason to be name calling, he wouldn’t like to be called names I bet

  • Leave his ass!

  • Best piece off advice...

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