I was brought up to obey my parents and when older then to obey my husband. I was to be submissive because I was female. I believed this with all my heart. I demonstrated that submission by accepting their decisions and directions. I accepted their right to punish me. I actually used to feel it was something I needed. I had s** with my husband whenever, wherever and however he wanted.

It's really tough to question your own beliefs. Sometimes I feel stupid. Sometimes I feel anger about the past. Sometimes I wish for the security of that life. Does that make any sense.

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  • Deep down does it thrill you to be submissive?
    If it does not walk away from it all.

  • Did your parents spank you...

  • Male society have been treating women as an object to full fill their needs and will continue doing it....if u want to get rid of it get an independent life and live the way u want

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