My husband spanks me

It started out as playful but over the years has progressed to him spanking me for discipline. It’s nothing crazy like I’ve heard about from other women. Usually it’s only 3-5 hard swats. Normally it’s my mouth that gets me in trouble and being disrespectful. I definitely don’t like being punished but I will say it is much better than fighting and arguing for hours or days like other couples. I don’t feel abused and wouldn’t change how we do things. My husband is the best and I’m treated like a princess as long as I’m respectful and obey the handful of rules he has. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only woman held accountable by their husband nowadays

Sep 21, 2018

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  • Those saying that you need to be corrected and you appreciate him keeping you in line sound weak! You must have really low self esteem.Put your big girl panties on and take care of yourself.

  • Spanking and being submissive can be a turn on just for fun but I would never let someone treat me like that in real everyday life! Why should he make the rules? You are just as important as he is. That would go from turn on to totally p****** me off!

  • I’m sitting here, bum still tingling, from my spanking this afternoon. I’m often spanked for pleasure … and I’ve even been known to ask for it if it’s been a while… today, I couldn’t stop thinking about it… I was almost begging for it, sending tempting photos and sexy quote texts… until my D finally took his lunch break to give me the spanking of a lifetime. Several HARD swats later and … we were both much happier and much more relaxed.

  • I tear my wife’s ass up at least once a week then I cool it down by j********** and c** on it.

  • My husband has been spanking me since we been together over 20 years now. He only uses his belt and I always have to count my licks. It keeps me in line. And yes sometimes I do things on purpose just to get him to do it. As I write this I am sitting here with a very very sore butt from his belt yesterday.

  • My husband also spanks me when I need an attitude correction. It makes me feel safe, I know it sounds weird. Recently we went to a party and I made a real fool of myself. I paid the price. Usually I bend over and put my hands on a chair, then he raises my skirt and pulls down my undies. I saw something about corner time on another post. Is that effective? Should I ask for it?

  • Hmm girl I’d do something a lot different to you than spanking when you got bent over with those hands in the chair.

  • No, you are certainly not the only one. Boyfriends spanking their girlfriends and husbands spanking their wives is getting back in vogue. Girls of all ages have realized that a sound spanking is better and much more sexy and constructive than constant arguing and bickering. And men feel more masculine and girls more feminine after a good, hard, bare-bottomed spanking.

  • You're not the only one. My husband spanks me when I need it. Mine aren't short like yours, mine are long, painful and embarrassing. I know how that sounds, but I appreciate the fact that he corrects me when I need it.

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