Cuckolded by hotwife

My wife Lisa was 40 at the time of my first time cuckolding. We had a very active s** life up to this point and had discussed her becoming a hotwife and taking a boyfriend for several years. Although Lisa was not completely on board with sleeping with other men, over time she had warmed to the idea and often would talk about it while we had s**. After years of talk my wife Informed me that she had finally found someone she would like to play with that works out at her gym. She mentioned he was younger and very well built and appeared to have a nice bulge in his pants. Over the next few weeks I encouraged her to flirt back with her suitor. About two weeks later, Lisa sent a text stating her cute friend was at the gym tonite with her.. I told her to ask him out for a drink and see what he says.. A couple hours later Lisa sent a text saying she was having a drink with her friend and just talking. Around 11 or 12 the garage door opened and Lisa drove in a bit flustered looking.. I asked her how it went and she cuddled up and told me she had givin him (Kevin) a hot b****** in the parking lot of the gym next to the place they had a beer.. Lisa explained to me she felt like she mauled him and dropped to her knees sucking him to completion. I asked her about seeing him again and she said most likely.. after a couple of days it seemed like Lisa had second thoughts and didn’t want to proceed.. She would say things like she feels bad and thinks she should just not proceed.. I told her if that’s what she felt then that’s fine. After several months I started to feel like she was becoming somewhat distant and distracted.. She never spoke of her friend at all and would say she sometimes would see him in the gym but nothing is gonna happen again.. several months later after finding out she was sited by a mutual friend in a bar, I asked her about the guy she was with.. She informed me she had been secretly seeing Kevin for several months and is not certain she could stop. I was shocked as I had allowed her to play with others but with common knowledge of the situation.. I had always felt we were doing it together. But now, she had decided that being a hotwife was not what she wanted with me knowing about it.. I often work several days in a row and she had been getting it from him in every possible way for almost a year. Often times in her car on her lunch break or at his house while I was at home. Needless to say I was pretty upset and dismayed at why she chose to be secret rather then make me part of it.. She told me her lover was not up for threesomes with me as part of the equation but wanted her alone. Lisa told me he was a bit uncomfortable with her being married and wished he could have her every night..


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  • That is f***** up. One thing is to have a kink and explore it together, hotwiring is about trust and exploring together but what she did is really f***** up. Please dump the w****.

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  • That's unfortunate. Are you guys still together?

  • Almost every situation I know of ended badly give a b**** the ok to sleep around and they will lie to you every time

  • Damn. I guess when you play with fire... Sucks to be you man. Cheating is not cool.

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