14 year old girl I want

Every day I sit on my patio when schools let out and watch the girls walk by in skimpy outfits. A lot of cute girls but there is 1 who is about 14 who is unbelievably sexy I can't help but look out for just to get a look at her . I'm a man around 40 years old so it's extremely unlikely that she'd have any interest in me so I don't and won't try to talk to her . But Every time I see her I think about how amazing it would feel to plunge my c*** b**** deep in her p****, ass, and mouth



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  • I want to f*** teen ass

  • Know what ya mean. Hot 14 year old girl up the road. Nice big round t***. My wife has little t*** so it's even harder for me when I see young ones with big t***. Plus I'm short so it's hard to see then as young when they have big t*** and are taller than me.

  • I know what you mean mate, I get on the bus with a whole lot of really really hot 11 - 14 year olds and honestly I'd f*** each of them

  • Yes I sat on a bus last summer hot day too young pretty girls on it can’t believe how sexy they dress

  • You will see many off them without panties. I'm a single father with two daughters and often bring them out without panties. You have children...

  • I'd love to see your sexy kids without pants

  • MMM bald

  • Imagine that going all over your face v

  • Thamks mate and they realy are sweet and sexy....

  • Thank you mate. They are sweet....

  • Thank you and their cute...

  • All grown up now I got 3 nieces but only really see them in summer holidays

  • How old are they mate and ever see them in panties or naked..

  • 12 10 and 8 I think seen them in their knickers a few times when at bbqs

  • That's cute mate and as said. Im a single father with two daughters. Their eight and ten..

  • Ok when they are older you will get all the boys sniffing round them lol they start young nowadays.

  • Who you telling mate and my oldest one has allready started too play with herself. I know it's only dry orgasams though. But bought sit on my lap and different stages and will grind my leg. I've noticed when I'm useing spanking as part off discipline. My oldest p**** is a little damp..

  • Omg what grinding her little bald p**** on ur bare legs

  • Yes and it's bought off them pal. I mostly ware shorts or boxers around house and my daughters are allways in some state off dress or naked...

  • Naked

  • Ues most times their naked...

  • Didn’t think they could get all wet at 10

  • Not completely wet. Just a bit mate and I've done nothing with them and just enjoy what they do and Im seeing. Their beautifull..

  • I sould hope u haven’t done anything with them at that age lol. And your enjoying there beautiful what lol.

  • Their little charms and naked body's too be honest. As said they sit around in panties and naked at times and have watched them playing with themselves many times. It's just cute and certainly gets me hard made..

  • Ok i did see one niece In little barbie knickers and found myself staring at her lol

  • Their just to cute mate. There's know harm in looking or allowing them sit on your lap...

  • I don’t want them on my lap or climbing all over me lol kids think you’re a climbing frame but when I was looking at her i wanted to see her little bald c***.

  • I can tell you there's nothing better made and know harm as long as not touching them sexual. Love the feel off their bald p***** on my leg or when their run around naked or sit in lounge Indian style. With little p**** lips open and tiny c**** and pink folds on display. Off corse gets me hard mate and do your nieces get spanked. If so have you ever witnessed it...

  • No I don’t think spankin is right sorry. And I’d never let them sit on my knees lol.

  • Guess it's just couse Im a single dad my wife's dead and they need extra attention..

  • Yes but no need to spank them

  • I use other forms off discipline also..

  • I bet but I don’t agree with it. But it’s hard not to look if u got a full view I guess

  • I do time outs, loss off privladges and other punishments. But sometimes spanking is only thing that gets through tovthem and thanks..

  • You there mate and i sat opposite a little girl on bus today and know older than my daughter whos eleven. She had her knees up on seat and was not wareing panties. I'd a clear view off her hairless p**** and c***. She was oblivious to me and managed too get video off her little face and rest off her. She even abstintmindalty rubbed herself..

  • Mate, anyway you can send me that video, I need a good w***

  • I'd be afraid too do that pal. But he'll my c*** was so sore..

  • Lmao

  • Ya . I don't know what it is but they didn't look as good as they do now 20 years ago
    When I was still in grade school no girls had t*** and now almost every girl from grade 4 and up have t*** . And the way they dress now at days is an erection waiting to happen lol

  • You know that under no circumstance can you talk with her? You would be immediately and rightly tagged as a creep. You also can't make her feel uncomfortable walking past your house, so if you can't keep your fantasy entirely in your head, you might want to just stay indoors.

    That aside, there are some really attractive teens and your feelings, while misplaced, are understandable. Enjoy them in your own head and leave her out of it. At least you chose to vent it here where it will diffuse harmlessly.

  • Well... Ya! That's pretty much what I said

  • Imagine that juicy young c***.

  • I know right! Lol Jimmytoetoe1975@gmail.com talk privately?

  • What about you wanna to sit on your c*** don’t ya jimmy lol.

  • I definitely do lol

  • It’s hard not to notice a young fit tight body

  • I wish it was possible to post pictures on here . This girl is unbelievably sexy

  • Discribe her

  • What age do you like best when it comes to younger girls?

  • Well legal age but it’s hard not to notice a young girl if she’s pretty and got sexy clothing on what about you.

  • Here legal age of consent is 16 so 16 but when it comes to the age I find the majority of girls are at there best looking that would be 12 or 13

  • Here here.just ripe for b**** deep

  • Why 12 or 13 do they look better than

  • I think itsvwhen there bodies are at there best . Tight and pirky

  • Lol ok. They seem to lose their cute little faces at teenagers the innocent looking face gos and they get a young women face.

  • So your saying 13 and up?

  • Lol I’m not saying anything but I’d look at a young girls pretty face who wouldn’t nice t see a lovely face.

  • Ok lol I hear you . Young girls "faces" are nice to look at

  • Yes very nice lol

  • I feel the same way

  • You can’t beat a pair of sexy young bare legs

  • Sexy thin legs that go all the way up too....
    Imagination probably not required lol

  • Yes lol smooth sexy

  • Love it completely smooth ;)

  • Imagine that sitting

  • Long blond hair, firm tight ass, pirky b-cup t*** , always wearing tight sweat pants leaving nothing to the imagination , cut off sweat shirts tight at the top and loose at the bottom withe her belly exposed . Cameltoe and everything . Just screams f*** me hard lol

  • That would be awesome lol

  • What would catching a glimpse of up skirt

  • Upskirt pantiless lol

  • Lol would be very hard not to look

  • You wouldn't look?

  • I probably wouldn't even try not looking lol
    If she's going to show it off why not look

  • Yes but when you look your thinking what it would tastes like lol

  • Taste and feel like

  • Well it will feel like a p****. I guess and taste like one

  • Sure would lol just tighter

  • Lol so what’s the big deal. If it’s only tighter

  • And fresh lol .
    Never had a virgin before .
    That would be exciting

  • Yes I guess. So. Do you try to look up there skirts all the time not much to see.

  • No but if i notice i absolutely do

  • Yes if u catch a glimpse u want to see more

  • And wish you can do more

  • Do more such as what do u wish you could do.

  • I'd probably be thinking about what it would be like to f*** her

  • Yes f*** her in her school uniform omg how h**** is that.

  • It's a fantasy just dirty thoughts

  • What thinking about pulling their knickers down.

  • Of course it's just a fantasy. But Itasca good fantasy lol

  • Great fantasy. Thinking about that young tight p**** stretched around your c***

  • Oh h*** yeah

  • Yes just a filthy thought

  • Yes well I think all men fantasy would be to have a young school girls bounce up and down on they c***. But it’s just a fantasy.

  • Do you?

  • Yes I think it’s the innocent thing about a school uniform that’s the turn on

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