Can't tell if i'm just a typical teen or what

I can't really understand what it is with me. Since i'm in my mid to late teens people could just say it's teen angst (i hate that term as i feel like i'm being lumped in to the same category as bitchy emo kids or bratty teen girls) because i'm complaining a lot but i don't want to admit that if it is. I get these fits of sadness anger and complete laziness all at once at times and they range in severity. As much as i love them i also get sick of my family at times especially because they're all religious to some degree. Unlike most teens that complain about their life i don't even have much privacy as it is because i live in a two bedroom with 3 other people. Take a guess on who has the rooms and who is stuck in the main room. I also really hate how to general idea of most people is that if you don't have many friends and you like to be alone a lot youre a loser. It's hard to be like that when you dislike having more than an hour or two of human contact and constantly worrying if someone wants to kill you or not. I mostly just wish i could try out the "somewhat isolated" thing for at least a few days. Not being out in the wilderness or something like that just being left alone for that amount of time. No people talking to you or interrupting your masturbation. Just peace. Also i can use better punctuation and grammar but i don't want anyone to recognize my style of typing.

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  • It may be just normal angst, but it also may be your life situation. Like they say, "even paranoids have enemies". If you find yourself feeling intense hatred or depression, you may need to seek help (not saying your crazy, we all sometimes need someone with a neutral perspective to talk to.). And being sick of your family because you have different thoughts or feelings about something is called having a personality. we all have one, and they're all different. I wouldn't sweat that part of what you're going through. you're just an individual, not a clone or drone.

  • Wow, this actually reminds me a lot of my own late teens. In my case, i made conscious efforts to just change my circumstances. Diet, excercise, an appointment with my local doctor (resulting in mild anti-depressants)
    I'm not saying you suddenly have to become an athlete vegetarian constantly doping up or anything, far from it... you just need to find your own balance and the meds (in my case) were just a crutch until i found my rhythm.
    Or, if you're already happy with those aspects of your life, then it seems that those you surround yourself just don't seem to understand the kind of person you are. Believe me, you are in no way odd or different. Lots of people are loners, and it strikes me that maybe your impulse towards that is somehow increased by the fact you find little privacy in your own home.
    These things are normal, it just seems like your having a logical reaction to an overload of human contact, which in this case seems quite the case if you cant even sleep or have a -ahem- "moment to yourself" without being interrupted. If at all possible, perhaps you could seek out better living arrangements? i understand money is an issue for a lot of people these days, but it might be an option worth investigating. There are a lot of loners in this world, there's nothing wrong with that, so don't let people judge you just because you're not doing what they think you should... though you strike me as an intelligent person who probably isn't actually letting other peoples judgements affect your opinion of yourself, you just seem frustrated with your particular situation right now.
    I started to rant a bit here... but i hope it helps ^^

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