Catfishing but fell in love

A guy approached me online almost a year ago now, I never thought after ONE conversation in an app game that we would ever talk again, so I pretended to be someone else..... we kept talking night after night and now its been almost 12 months and during that 12 months we have shared some very intimate conversations, he has really opened up to me and now believes that at some point in the near future we are going to meet. I am 10 years older than who I said I am, I dont look like the photos I have been using AND i love in another country. I feel really really guilty and have feelings for him. I dont know what to do? I know I should stop talking to him (as I have created a few storylines the past 8 months that would allow our connection to stop) BUT I dont want to stop talking to him but I dont want to carry on with lying anymore. I am 60% sure if I tell him hey look I am not who I said I am BUT I like you etc, that he wont want to talk to me anymore and I really dont want to not talk to him anymore. WHAT DO I DO

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  • The truth. Nothing but the truth. You're not just wasting his time, but yours as well.

  • My we are a constant liar and deceiver aren't we.

  • Tell him the truth. 12 months is a really long time to be lying to someone and by keeping the lie, you're just making things worse. tell the truth and deal with the consequences even if that means you never speak again.

  • He might be having his own secrets you never know

  • Tell him the truth....before it's too late

  • It IS too late, dumbass

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