I sent my sister in law a picture of my c***

One night I took a picture of my soft c*** and sent it to my wife who was working nights, well I thought I had, actually I had sent it to my sister in law. 10 or so minutes later my phone pings so I open the message and it’s a picture of a beautiful shaved p****, not really studying the picture I believe that my wife has nipped somewhere quite and returned the favour. I was quite aroused that she had sent me a reply picture rather that a text calling me an idiot because she’s at work, so I rub my c*** and get it real hard and take another picture which I promptly send as a reply. Immediately after sending the picture I send a text telling her that my c*** is dying to be in her p****. Again my phone pings and I open the message this time the picture is of her p**** being held open by 2 fingers. Looking at the picture my c*** begins to swell and throb wanting to be played with, I’m sat phone in one hand n my c*** in the other staring at the p****being held open by 2fingers when I notice the bright red nail varnish, my wife can’t wear nail varnish to work, a sick feeling comes over me as I realise this isn’t my wife, I look at the top of the text and realise that the person I sent my c*** pic to and sent me her p**** was Helen my wife’s sister. I’m now mortified and don’t know how I’m ever going to explain the mistake to Helen let alone my wife, my phone pings again and another picture is revealed this time I know it’s from Helen, the picture is of her with her middle finger pushed deep into her p****. Instantly in back excited and desperate for some sexual gratification I’m so h**** that I text her without much though that she should FaceTime me if she wants more, a few moments go by with nothing, I start to think about how much trouble I am in and that I should have apologised and hope that she says nothing. Then my phone strikes up brrr brrr brrr it’s a FaceTime call, I look and it’s Helen I immediately accept the call and the live picture opens up. I’m staring at helens hand rubbing her p****, I angle my phone down towards my c*** and rub over it with my hand, she stops rubbing her p**** and gives me a thumbs up then clenches her fist and moves it up and down and points at me. I do as she asks and grab hold of my solid c*** and start to j*** of, at the same time Helen begins fingering herself. The sight of Helen ma********** makes me c** very quickly, I try to move my phone so the camera catches every squirt of c**. Helen gives me another thumbs up and the screen goes black call ended. I’m sat there feeling pleased with myself but beginning to worry about what I’ve done, my phone pings again Helen has sent another message that simply said OUR SECRET.

May 28, 2018

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  • I think you two could go further!!!

  • I got to nail my girlfriend's sister a few times. It was amazing!!!

  • Mmmm lucky b******!!!

  • Great story.

  • Maybe I should do this with my cousin too. She wants me to stretch her tight p****.

  • Would you share her pics? I've got lots of pics of my wife I'd like to share. Hippy6944@Gmail.com

  • Ask to f***

  • U lucky b******

  • Wow! That's hot.

  • Wow how olds Helen what a h**** woman

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