I hate my step daughters

I love my wife deeply she is my everything. She has two kids from a previous relationship their father is no where in the picture. (Bum ass worthless b****) Me and my wife have a son together. I love my son hate the two step daughters. One is 11 and is a lying, disrespectful, manipulating POS. The other 13 disrespects me every chance she gets, lazy, lying, ungrateful little s***. I have tried to be nice however as soon as I do make progress she mistakes it for weakness on my end and acts out and does something f****** stupid and I have to be an a****** again. I see the 11 year olds bullshit and what she is trying to do to adults and others think it’s cute.NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES SHE MAKES THEM LOOK F****** STUPID. These two little bastards don’t deserve half the s*** I give them because they won't do SIMPLE chores correctly or follow simple directions. When I am home everyone just stays out of the way and acts right however when I am at work or working late those little s*** stains do whatever they want and everything I tell them not to do. My wife doesn’t or can’t stop them little a*******. Them to little pieces of s*** have driven me to the edge of sanity as well as to the point I have considered divorce however I WONT leave my wife because I truely and deeply love her, as well as my son. Doing fun things with my own child has been put off because then two little s**** f*** it up for us. I DONT GET TO ENJOY LIFE BECAUSE OF THEM TWO LITTLE S****. I hate what I have become and I stare at myself in the mirror begging my reflection to strangle me sometimes.


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  • Start spanking them it will be better if you start now.Their attitude needs to be adjusted.Bare butt spanking.

  • Are you a mom or dad and my wife's going out in a minute and Im going to roast their little buns. My wifes said too me that she knows they deserve it. But can't bring herself to do it. Do you realy recommend bare..

  • Bare butt spanking over the lap is best.My wife and I have done that many a time. The kids started to behave because they did not want to get spanked any more.

  • I've just spanked them and my goodness they have a tounge on them. I I've never seeing them as brazen and that's when decided too take down their panties. Eldest got so bratty and said Im telling mommy and I'd had enough. I brought her into kitchen and after spanking her by hand. I used a wooden spoon. Their in their rooms now and I'm thinking off given them a follow up spanking later. They realy have some attitude. How old are your children..

  • Youngest grand son is five and we have many great grand daughters and great grand sons also oldest girl we spank is fourteen and we sometimes had to strip them completely nude and the result attitudes became better.
    Sometimes it is necessary to do multiple spankings.

  • Yous seem like a good family. My wifes just back from shopping. I'm pouring us bought a coffee. Shes just out back for a minute. She's wanting too know how it went with our daughters. Do you think i should spank them again later. They realy have a tounge on them and their behavior is a disgrace. Maybe i should not have used wooden spoon on our oldest. But she was being a total brat. Cheers..

  • If they have not controlled their mouth spank them again.They need to learn to control their attitude after all you are the parent.Using a spoon is like using a belt remember to clean the wooden spoon very well.Check your eldest butt to make sure the skin has not been broken you might need to put lotion on it.

  • How are you and my wife could not watch as i spanked our daughters again. But as i said she was in total agreement with me. Their language and general attitude was shocking when I'd went into them too spank them. My eldest would not do one thing I'd asked her and fought me rite through the whole ordeal. So I decided too give her a spanking again with my hand and wooden spoon. She fought and cursed even as i was spanking her. But after a while her struggles ceased and she just lay their over my lap crying and saying sorry daddy over and over. Normally she'd call me dad and it's being a while since she's called me daddy. Her poor bum was roasted and i got her to lye on her tummy and got my wife to put some off her cream on her bum. My wife said she stripped her and put her to bed and my daughter even apologized too my wife. I so that's an improvement for sure and as for our youngest daughter. There was again some name calling and struggling. But shes a bit smaller and her bottoms a little smaller also. Did not use anything but my hand on her bum. As my hand covers bought her little butt cheeks. I also got her to do same as our oldest daughter and wife did same with her. I went and had coffee and then went in and kissed and hugged them bought and for first time in a long time they bought still had their panties off. As they normally sleep in just their panties. I'm glad you shared with me your wisdom and my wife and i were able to sit and talk on our own without our daughters interrupting and comeing down every ten minutes after they are put to bed. Tanks..

  • Anytime I will help when needed.
    Thank you for listening.

  • It's greatly appreciated and tanks. I'll talk with my wife when she's out off bath. You and your wife and family sound like a remarkably sound family. I'll let you know what happens and tanks..

  • How are you and my wife agreed with me about spanking them again before bed. She went into talk with them and our eldest ran her mouth off on my wife. Telling her to get he'll out and worse. Then her youngest sister joined in with her. My wifes realy soft and came out in tears. I went straight in and spanked them over their skirts. I'm realy going to give them a proper tanning in next half hour. I've asked my wife too watch me do it. She's not sure yet though and said she may do. Should i use wooden spoon again as their total out off hand and have being for a long time. Your a wise person..

  • Maybe you need to add a degree of embarrassing element to it and have them totally nude to get their spanking.You may use the spoon just make sure not to go overboard.

  • Sorry and had just seen your message after I'd sent you last message. I could discuss that with my wife what you've suggested. She's takeing a long bath now and it's something also shes not being able too do. As when she's in bath their normaly banging on the door looking for something. Tanks again..

  • Good for your wife some relaxation.

  • It's true and it's being so long since she's being able too soak in bath this long without our daughters disturbing her. Even as I'm watching TV and haveing glass off wine. Our daughters would be in and out off bed for hours. I did look in on them a few minutes ago and bought are lieng on their belly and bottomless. It be cute too take a picture..

  • Good work dad keep up the good work and maybe they will learn to control their mouth.
    There is nothing wrong with sleeping nude we all do.

  • How are you and im disappointed in our two daughters. I mean i love them with all my heart as does my wife. But not even hour ago did my wife catch bought them naughtie girls sneaking out after them being grounded. They have done this in past and i was out at time. Im just in door but my wife rang me about them. She was realy upset and said our eldest again started in on her and then her little sister. My wife said she tried too talk with bought off them and asked them bought to go straight to their rooms and my eldest told her to f off and worse and went to push my wife. My wifes told me out off the complete shock. She cracked our eldest daughters bottom twice and same with our youngest. She said they bought ran too their rooms cursing and bit shocked. Their still in their rooms now and I'm haveing lunch with my wife. I'm insisting that she starts spanking them at this stage and she's finally agreed. My wifes a small woman and she will probabley have to use wooden spoon or hairbrush. I'm trying to calm down here. But those girls are going to be sorry little madam and can promise their bottoms will be glowing. I can't beleave their behavior and nerve to try and push my wife. Have you any advice as I'm at my wits end and tanks..

  • Take their clothes away and spank their bare butts this should prevent them from sneaking out again.If they sneak out totally nude then you will have to deal with a wooden spoon maybe a lot more whacks.

  • How are you and our daughters are in bed now haveing time out. I did not strip them this time. But took their skirts and panties off. I warned them not too dare get out off bed or they will be sorry little madams. I'd also convinced my wife to spank our youngest as she's quite small. Our eldest was still given attitude when I'd went into spank her and refused to get her skirt and panties off which is why i done it for her. She cursed and try too hit me. I used my hand and then her hairbrush. By time I'd finished her bottom was glowing. As was our youngest after my wife spanked her. We left them in their rooms sobbing and rubbing their bottoms in bed. My wife actualy told me she's glad I'd talked her into spanking them. She's going out too get groceries now and visit her sister. I'll go into my daughters soon and put cream on their butts. But want them too feel the sting on their bottoms for a bit first. Tanks again mate..

  • Good for you and put a couple layers of cream on them and smooth it into their skin.Take your time.

  • How are you and i put cream on bought our daughters bottoms and eldest was still given bit off attitude and did not want to spank her again as I'd realy did a job on her little butt. But did make her remove her top and remain in her socks only. She's not a happy camper and our youngest is only in t shirt and socks. Their bought sitting at table waiting for tea. Our eldest realy is not happy as said and few times allready has tried covering up and i smacked her hands. She thinks she's all grown up and keeps telling my wife and i that she's 12 in July. Tanks again mate..

  • Your doing great as parents keep up with spankings when needed.Give them hugs and tell them how much you love them and give them kisses.

  • How are you mate and had a crazy time yesterday in the end with our daughters. My wife came back with her sister and groceries. As soon as our eldest seed her aunt. She off corse tried too run straight to her room with a cushen trying cover herself. I cought her even before she'd managed too get up three steps. Planted several spanks to her bum. Which caused a fresh outburst of foul language again. I actualy was in shock at her. As I'd thought we were getting through with them bought. As said in previous post her bottom was still so red. I did not know what to do. My wifes sister was a little taken back. As said weve only started spanking them. But even she looked at my daughter Square in the eyes and said that her language was a disgrace. I was glad as she then said you get your bare bum and move now and do as your daddy tells you and our brazen daughter actualy spat at her. My wifes sister and rest off us stood shocked for a second or so. Till she took her by her arm and smacked her butt for at least a minute. It was chaos as our youngest then tried push her aunt. But my wife took hold of her and like our eldest. Rite on spot she blisterd our little daughters butt. I then took her top off and so marched our two naked daughters except for socks into lounge. My wife, sister in law and i had tea. Left those two little madam sobbing in lounge as we talked about their behavior. I convinced my wife to go out for evening with her sister and let her hair down. She stayed with her last night. I realy did not want to spank them again. So after my wife and her sister left. I put their naughtie bums on stools in kitchen for an hour and hugged and kissed them bought. I put cream on their bottoms in their rooms and kissed them again and said good night and go to sleep. Was that too harsh mate. Tank you..

  • It seems they are not learning their lesson and want to continue their bad language.Are they off from school for the summer?

  • How are you mate and know. Their only ten and our oldest is not even twelve till July. Apart from grounding and loss off privileges we use to do. But even then as said mate they would sneak out when i was not home. Im at my wits end mate and have too stop this language and behavior and how dare them spit, kick, and push their mommy, and aunt or anybody. Have you any ideas. Tanks again mate and hope you and family are well..

  • Time for drastic measures you need to remove all their clothes from their rooms and put them somewhere away from the house.If they sneak out again they will be nude.I am sure they will think twice.The wooden spoon will get a work out indeed.

  • Sorry mate and forgot too add a copil off things. I've put their clothes in our outhouse in yard. My wife suggested taken their i pads, tvs and copil off other things from them. But I'd Said maybe that'd to much. We've decided too put them to bed an hour earlier for next week and ground them also..

  • How are you mate and my sweet wife is still at her sister's. I've actualy done as you've suggested mate. I've taken every stitch off clothes out off bought their rooms including panties. I did ring my wife first and told her and she agreed thank goodness. I'll collect them from school soon and I've allready placed a wooden spoon and their hair brushes on their beds. I e realy got too make an impression on our daughters. I've told my wife too take her time. She's going shopping with her sister. I e told her too go get themselves bought massages and put it on my card and if she likes to have another night out. She's a great mother and wife. She said she will see how she feels and will be home after five. Am i going over board on useing wooden spoon and hairbrush on them mate. I know for fact their will be some name calling and major fits and tantrums and especially from our oldest. But I'm going to strip them also and do you think bathing them is over top over. Tanks mate and just need to get them while their still young..

  • You should bathe them before spanking and after use your hands and clean every inch of them real good.You need drastic measures to have better kids.

  • Tanks as said and my wife's come down and asked me too come to bed. Funny she's so relaxed and said shes also looked in on our daughters and said same as me. That they look cute sleeping on their tummys and without panties she actualy thanked me and kissed me. She's gone ahead up to bed and Im just locking up and stuff. I shall talk with you tomorrow sometime mate and tanks so much. Good night and take care..

  • I've spoken too my wife about it and she said she can't do it. But sees given me permission to do so just now. But said she wants to go to be gone out. They are in their rooms now for answering my wife back. They have never being spanked before. My wifes going too mall soon and i intend to tann their bottoms. I was going to spank them on their skirts or most panties. My wife said she will leave it up too me. Why would you suggest bare bottom and even for their first spanking. They are totally out off control..

  • This is why no man should ever date or marry a single mother. The kids will make your life h*** and you are stuck supporting them even if you divorce her!

  • You there mate and do Yous not discipline them. I'm a father with two young girls from first marriage and my new wife has two daughters similar ages too your stepdaughters. They were rude and disrespectfull also for a time to me and allways back talked their mommy. I spank my children and their well behaved. My wife eventualy asked me too do same with her daughters and yes it's on their bare bums and naked at times. Their attitudes are slowly changing and are less cheeky. Spank those brats before you loose total control...

  • Good for you congratulations to you.

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