Why did I freak out

I was in bed with my boyfriend and i got on top of him he was rubbing my ass and touching me everywhere we start talking off our clothes and he starts touching me again I really wanted to have s** with him but I didn’t now what to do so I tossed him off he went to go get me I freaked out and grabbed my clothes and put them back in idk why I freaked out he has fingered me before please help me

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  • Push in for another try. Tell him you wanna spoon, and when he hugs you push your ass against him and he is bound to get hard. My gf did the same thing and it led to s**, was awesome.

  • Have a mutual conversation with him. Let him know you feelings so next time you both know what to do.

  • You just need to learn to relax. My gf was like you at first, really anxious about being touched. So we just did things in a gradual sequence, starting with the things she was comfortable with, like kissing and cuddling. Then she got relaxed about me sucking her b****, then touching her p****, then, gradually, licking her p****. Now she's totally relaxed, so much so that she can't understand why she ever got anxious. She loves being fingered, licked out, even having her ass licked. It's just about doing things gradually.

  • Ask him to tie ur hands and close ur eyes next time

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