The diary

My wife passed away a while back now . One day I was looking for something when I came across my wife's diary , I remember my wife on more than one occasion asking me if I ever find it to bring it straight to her without looking inside . I said I will if I see it but I never did until this day , At first I put it on the side and left it there , Then one day I was reaching for something and knocked the diary on the floor , Has I went to pick it up it had fell open on a page the lock must have broken . I glanced at first then I noticed a man's name , I know I should not have looked but I did what I read made me feel sick , The guy she was writing about was my work colleague I remember her asking questions about him some years ago . She asked me what his wife was like , I said why would you want to know that , Then she said forget it don't try and cause an argument . In the diary she wrote dates when they met , also that she loved being in his arms , Also she felt bad for me . I was not aware of this at the time but now I think back there was signs . I remember her going out one Saturday night she looked really nice , She dropped her handbag when she went to pick it up I noticed she had stockings on . When I questioned her on this she said she had no tights left without holes in them . I had to work that night so I don't know what time she got in , She walked off up the road in her high heels and short skirt barely covering her stockings tops , Why I remember so well that was not like her , Do you think she cheated on me totally or if not what was she up to , Has any one ever been in a similar situation , I would really appreciate your input on both questions thankyou .

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  • Bullshit she told you if you ever find her diary bring it to her without looking inside? Didnt that strike you as odd dumbass

  • No , you should not look in someone's diary

  • I think the part where she said she felt sorry for you. And... the part where she likes being in his arms. The way I look at it.. Karmas a B****

  • My wife has also pasted, But I first saw a text she got on her phone, she got after she past. At some point Little by little I found out more from 3 of her friends, all not knowing the other said anything. Now I think our marriage was not what I thought it was, but when we were out together we had a great time.

  • How do you feel now knowing she could have cheated

  • You're well aware of the answer to your question.

  • Deep down im hoping it was nothing , My wife never seemed the sort of women to cheat or lie to me , But she was being deceitful that I know now

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