That fat girl

Hi I am a 20F and I have been fat since birth. Majority of my life i never used to have low self esteem or identity issues. But I think I might have now because of my apperance. A couple of boys said that they would have fallen for me if i was not fat, meaning that they love my personality but not my apperance. But that statement didnt affect me much.

Since my late teens I've been exposed to a lot family pressure to lose weight because according to them I am unplesant to look at. 20 years in this society I have never heard a single comment about my body, but I have heard several from my family. They shame my body. They make me feel inferior.

Now I have taken a decision to lose weight taking the critisims as a challenge. when I succeed in it I would tell my family that they are the rudest people on earth and they don't deserve the best of me because they never supported at my worst.

Jun 1, 2018

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  • They may have been rude, but it motivated you, didn't it.

  • You be amazing and get your life on track

  • Keep on looking, but not too hard, you never know when the right one for you will come into your life. Some girls are short, some are tall, some are thin, some are not. Viva la difference. Loose the weight for you, not someone else. You are probably beautiful as you are. I myself like a woman with some meat on her bones. However, one of my girlfriends in high school was built like a toothpick. A sweetheart...... that was sometime ago. Your family thinks they are "helping" you, don't be too h****** them. Sometimes people can be so blunt. Stand tall, hold your head up high and be confident. That looks good on anyone. Be patient, but not toooooo patient. Sometimes you have to put the whole thing into motion yourself. Use your BEST judgement, I wish you well. Al Scott 07/17/19.
    p.s. I'm too old for you, but I wish I wasn't. Good luck and best wishes.

  • Good for you honey, but may I say just cause you may be over weight doesn't mean it's the worst of you! Good luck, and know you will find someone who will always love you for you

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