A real confession

It's difficult for me to make people understand why I am the way I am. I don't like having friends because most of them have tried to destroy me in various ways (emotionally and psychologically). Few years ago, I was an extremely naïve happy girl who wanted to be there for everyone and cared for anyone. My heart broke when all I got in return was loath and ignorance. They never valued me. Neither did my family, but at least they taught me the difference between right and wrong.

I had my own breaking point when I told myself that enough is enough. I had to rebuild myself. I had to make myself stronger. It was that day when I promised myself I will never rely on anyone ever again. Why should others must have the right to make you happy when you can love yourself?

It was that point of my life when I learned to love myself. Seeing that make others' love me. People think I don't care anymore, but the truth is I do care. I just found a different approach to help others without them taking me for granted.

But I'm also thankful for the painful experiences because it made me the kind of woman I never expected myself to see as.

Jun 3, 2018

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  • I wonder why some kids are popular and some not.

    To clarify, some kids are pains and you can see why no one wants them. But there are other kids who are nice and you know as an adult you talk to them and they are normal but they are kept out of the group. They can't attract friends. They are lonely.

    I am one of those and now as an adult I study the kids I meet and try to understand the dynamics.

  • If your a person who is positive the majority of the time when it comes to what people see . If you always want to help pèople ,be there for others and your seen as a non confrontational , there are people who will take advantage of that in many different ways . People are a*******. I had this problem to a much lesser extent when in high school and like you said I had enough . I eventually just stopped caring about the opinions people had of me or what they attempted to do against me and because of this I became a lot more confident. Now it's my opinion that you give respect for people who have respect for you . If they show disrespect when your just trying to be a good person then that person doesn't deserve to be a part of your life and needless to say you don't need the hassle

  • The thing about me is that I still give people few chances to change their mind about me. The thing is it still seems to work. Some people have very poor judgements. Although there are some who refuse to allow themself to see good in others. I guess we all have been through so much that many of us have lost hope. I didn't lose hope but definitely have trust issues. Although, I've taken few risks. But I understand your perspective and thank you for the support. It is nice to know I'm not the only one. (:

  • Loving yourself is the first step to greater independence.Cheers to you.

  • Thank you (:

  • You there hun hugs xxxx

  • I feel much better. Maybe I had to got through these experiences in order to meet right people. (:

  • Hi hun and Im sending you hugs and good wishes and hope life is good to you. I won't go into detail. But things were done to me from a very young age till i was fourteen. Just under three years ago i took an overdose and woke up in hospital two days later. I was in her transfare too a pyschreatic hospital for allmost nine weeks. I pretty much keep myself to myself mow. But attend counseling and a group meeting once a week. I've on started the counseling under a year a go. It's a long road at times hun. But somebody gave me a stone with words hope on it. I keep it with me all the time. Good look and hugs and bless you...

  • I'm sorry to hear about your past. Although no matter how much they've given me hard time, I've still never given them the right to break me. Counseling has saved me as well. There is no diagnosis but I'm happy to know I can go there to freely express myself. Thank you for sharing your experience. (:

  • Im glad your well hun and you sound like a wonderfull person. Look after yourself. Hugs xxxx

  • Thank you and you too. (:

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